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Are Pisces & Pisces Compatible In A Relationship? Astrologers Weigh In

The two just get each other.

by Kristine Fellizar
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Astrologers explain Pisces and Pisces relationship compatibility
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Pisces is known for being the zodiac’s hopeless romantic. They love being in love and tend to give their all to relationships from the very start. They believe in soulmates and are constantly on the lookout for that one special person they can share their life with. When two Pisces first meet, it can only be described as magical. But can two Pisces make a relationship work? Pisces and Pisces’ compatibility shows what it takes for this pair to last.

As astrologer Clarisse Monahan tells Bustle, two Pisces in a relationship can be described as a “merging of one.” The two fish are all about dissolving boundaries, especially in their romantic relationships. “When two fishes get together, it can be a transcendental experience,” she says.

In general, Pisces can be a little hard to get to know. In modern astrology, they’re ruled by Neptune, which is the planet of fantasy and illusion. Pisces are known for being big daydreamers who seemingly live in their own worlds and because of this, some people may have a hard time connecting to Pisces when they first meet. Two Pisces, on the other hand, will have no problem getting each other.

“These two compassionate creatures both sense the depth of emotion and intensity in the other,” Monahan says. “Pisces communicate in a very intuitive way, both feeling connected and drawn together from the start.”

Stina Garbis, a professional astrologer and psychic, adds that Pisces and Pisces make an emotional pair that can either bring out the best of each other — or the worst. While they can be emotionally loving, supportive, and in tune with each other’s needs, they’re also prone to jealousy, mood swings, and codependency.

“This couple creates their own love story in their own little world where only each other matters, putting all others aside and only focusing on their love relationship,” Garbis says. “This couple is addicted to love.” Learning how to create boundaries and stick to them is essential if they want to have a healthy, long-term relationship.

Pisces & Pisces’ Sexual Compatibility

Sexually, Pisces and Pisces make an excellent match. According to Monahan, Pisces is the one place where the two benefic planets (Jupiter and Venus) are both in a good position, no pun intended. “The connection of these two planets in Pisces gives the natives access to a lot of pleasure, especially when it comes to emotional and sexual connection,” she says. “This is an out-of-this-world combination and their sex life can be incredible.”

Pisces is the type of sign who gets a lot of pleasure from pleasing their partner, so it’s a pairing that’s very selfless and giving. They’ll talk about their sexual fantasies and will try to make things happen. “Servicing and pleasuring each other through sex is another form of sharing their intense love,” Garbis says. Sex for two Pisces is a way for them to merge physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Pisces & Pisces’ Emotional Compatibility

Emotionally, Pisces and Pisces work because they’re sensitive water signs who aren’t afraid of their feelings. “These are two people who can be extremely vulnerable with each other,” Monahan says. Pisces is a sign who falls in love really fast, especially if they feel a spiritual pull towards someone. They can form a deep bond right away and may end up sharing things they’ve never shared with anyone before and since they’re both mutable signs, they’ll have an understanding of each other’s ever-changing moods. As long as they both aren’t being moody at the same time, they shouldn’t have any major problems in this area. Overall, two Pisces know how to make the other feel truly loved and cared for.

Pisces & Pisces’ Communication

Pisces is ruled by Neptune, who’s known to bring life to the world and “create torrential rain storms” when mad, says Garbis. Because of this, two Pisces may communicate freely and lovingly one moment, and say things they don’t mean in the heat of the moment. “They may use their partner’s feelings, words, or past against them in a vengeful way,” Garbis says. Despite the fights, a Pisces couple will always make up. More often than not, tears will be involved.

When their relationship is good, two Pisces will share their dreams with each other and make future plans. This is a couple who won’t have any trouble showing affection and will say “I love you” every day. They also have a type of spiritual connection where they just know what their partner is thinking or feeling without them having to say it out loud. As long as they keep their emotions in check, their relationship can be smooth sailing.

Pisces & Pisces’ Dating Compatibility

When it comes to dating, Pisces and Pisces’ compatibility is good. They’re very in tune to their emotions and will be drawn to each other’s vulnerability and sensual sides. According to Garbis, they’ll be very romantic from the get-go. “This couple may sing to each other and think about each other all day,” she says. “When they start off, they’re all in, and will devote all their free time to their partner.”

However, Pisces can be on the obsessive side when it comes to their partner. Like their fellow water signs, they can be so emotionally invested in who they’re with, they’re prone to jealousy and can be a bit on the possessive side.

In order for them to maintain a healthy relationship, it’s important for them to set boundaries early on. While it’s nice to have a partner who adores you just as much as you adore them, you still want to maintain your sense of self. When two Pisces get together, there’s a tendency for both partners to lose their identities in the relationship.

Pisces & Pisces’ Friendship Compatibility

When it comes to friendship, two Pisces signs can get along right away. However, there’s a tendency for these two to become too demanding of each other, Garbis says. Since they’re very similar, they may even become jealous of each other. They may compete for attention or try to prove who has the better life or love life.

“There may be too much yin in this friendship and not enough balance of yang, so they may bring each other down, be overbearing or blow things out of emotional proportion,” Garbis says. “However both are willing to apologize and keep the friendship going even if there are problems. As long as they aren’t competing with each other, Pisces can be a great friend and will stick with each other.”

Potential Problems In A Pisces & Pisces Relationship

Since Pisces is ruled by Jupiter and Neptune, they have a tendency to escape and get lost in their own world together. “They’ll need to work on grounding the relationship, making sure they’re not always off in the clouds,” Monahan says. “They just need to make sure someone is keeping an eye on the more practical side of things, for example making sure the bills are being paid.” Otherwise, they won’t know how to handle themselves if reality hits them in a big way.

Another issue they may have to deal with is holding grudges. As a sensitive water sign, Pisces tend to take things very personally. If their partner says the wrong thing in the wrong way, there will be issues. “If this couple can focus on the beauty of their partnership instead of dwelling on past hurts, they can form a lasting relationship full of exactly the type of love they want,” Garbis says.

Are Pisces & Pisces A Good Match?

Overall, Pisces and Pisces make a good zodiac match. There’s love, affection, and a strong, deep bond. They also get each other in a way that no one else does. According to both Monahan and Garbis, Pisces and Pisces have what it takes to make a relationship last.


Clarisse Monahan, astrologer

Stina Garbis, professional astrologer and psychic

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