This 1 Zodiac Sign Is The Happiest Of Them All

They can always find a silver lining.

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Everyone has different goals and ambitions, but ultimately, the quest to find true and sustained happiness is probably one of life’s most important and ubiquitously shared endeavors. And while no one is made of rainbows and sunshine all the time, some people seem to have cracked the code of finding contentment and joy. There are many reasons why some folks might be happier and more fulfilled than others, but could astrology be one of those factors?

There’s no member of the zodiac who’s going to be all smiles 24/7, just as there are none who are doomed to be sad all the time. However, some cosmic energies can inject a little more joie de vivre into someone’s overall disposition and outlook. For example, fire signs are known for being highly passionate, resilient, and outgoing — all of which could contribute to a general sense of happiness. There’s also the jovial planet Jupiter, known for bringing faith and good vibes as it travels through the zodiac. Having a well-placed Jupiter in your birth chart could potentially give you an advantage when it comes to accessing more joy.

A birthday alone won’t determine your happiness levels, but there just so happens to be one zodiac sign that happens to be blessed with the passion and enthusiasm of the fire element combined with the optimistic influence of lucky Jupiter — and that’s free-spirited Sagittarius. If you were born between Nov. 22 and Dec. 21 or have significant points or planets in this mutable fire sign, then there’s a chance joy may come a little bit easier to you sometimes.

Here’s why archetypically, Sagittarius may very well be the happiest zodiac sign of the bunch.

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They’re Eternal Optimists

Ruled by the ever-optimistic and faithful planet Jupiter, Sagittarians generally have a positive and hopeful outlook on life, and they have an easier time maintaining a glass-half-full mentality, even if the going gets tough. As the sign symbolized by the cosmic archer, Sagittarius is about aiming high and setting their sights on lofty aspirations. They know that even if they miss their shot, they’ll still potentially land somewhere new and exciting.

These happy-go-lucky fire signs are always willing to take a risk in the name of trying something new. Plus, as one of the zodiac’s mutable signs, Sagittarians are good at going with the flow and adapting to new situations — so life’s inevitable changes and curveballs aren’t likely to get them down.

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They Love To Celebrate

There is no sign that loves a celebration quite like a Sagittarius does. These fun-loving fire signs are spontaneous and outgoing, and having a good time is almost always one of their top priorities, regardless of what they’re doing. This makes sense on a wider cosmic scale, too, as Sagittarius season hits during the month leading up to the solar nadir of the winter solstice in the northern hemisphere when days are getting shorter and colder.

The diminishing sunlight and gloomy weather can be depressing, but that’s exactly why it’s so cosmically serendipitous to have Sagittarius zodiac energy at the helm during this time. Sagittarius season makes up the bulk of the holiday season when people are feeling particularly merry, festive, and celebratory — and it’s no coincidence! The Sagittarius vibe warms up people’s spirits and promotes some holly jolly cheer and merriment during this otherwise dark period of year.

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They’re Always Open To New Adventures

Sagittarians are free spirits at heart and want to juice every bit of fun and adventure out of life that they possibly can. That’s why they rarely say no to the opportunity to experience something new and exciting. They love meeting new people, trying new things, seeing new sights, and visiting new places. In fact, being stuck in the same routine all the time quickly grows boring for these wild-hearted seekers. In the eyes of a Sagittarius, every experience in life is a chance to learn and grow, which makes the tough times easier to take in stride.

Nina Kahn is Bustle’s resident astrologer and tarot reader.