These 3 Zodiac Signs Exude Quiet Luxury

Being covered in logos isn’t their thing.

Zodiac signs who exude quiet luxury
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The term “quiet luxury” has practically been inescapable ever since fans got a peak inside Sofia Richie’s lavish wedding in the south of France in April. With other celebs like Jennifer Lawrence and Ariana Grande following suit, it’s fair to say the aesthetic is definitely having a moment. But believe it or not, Sofia Richie isn’t the first person to flaunt timeless pieces in an understated manner — not even close. In fact, there are three zodiac signs who have been exuding quiet luxury since they bought their first designer bag, and will continue to do so even after the trend has faded into a fad of yesteryear.

IYDK, quiet luxury takes inspiration from the “old money” aesthetic with its chic timelessness and modest subtleties. Celebs who subscribe to quiet luxury, like Richie, often channel the style through slicked-back buns, neutral makeup, and French tip nails. There’s a big focus on designer brands that refrain from covering their clothes in labels and eye-catching symbols as well, such as The Row, Ralph Lauren, and more. For these three zodiac signs, though, quiet luxury isn’t just another TikTok craze — it’s a lifestyle. It’s their innate appreciation for the finer things in life and inherent stylishness that makes these signs the poster children for quiet luxury. If that sounds like you, you may have one of these placements in your birth chart.

Taurus (April 20 - May 20)

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If you know a Taurus, you know they aspire to live in the lap of luxury. But they also value stability, which means you won’t catch the earth sign blowing their whole paycheck at Saks every week. Once they’ve saved up enough money, that’s when they’ll treat themselves to a tasteful Prada handbag or Chanel belt. Taureans are also very traditional, so you can expect their closets to be filled with timeless LBDs and perennial co-ords that they snagged at an affordable price.

Virgo (Aug. 23 - Sept. 22)

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The patron saint of quiet luxury (aka Sofia Richie) is a Virgo, so it’s only fitting that the earth sign makes an appearance on this list. It’s no wonder why Richie would be so drawn to this aesthetic — after all, Virgos are known for their refined and simple yet classic sense of style, and it doesn’t get much more refined than the minimalistic modesty of quiet luxury.

Libra (Sept. 23 - Oct. 22)

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Libras are all about balance, and what’s more balanced than pairing a thrifted outfit with a Cartier necklace? The naturally stylish air sign has likely accrued a decent designer collection over the years, but it’s the subtle ways in which they incorporate those pieces into even the most casual everyday outfits that has landed them on this list.