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3 Zodiac Signs Most Likely To Be Virgo's Soulmates

Virgo needs a partner with a strong sense of responsibility.

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You know you're a total Virgo when you spend 10 minutes analyzing everything about a person's Bumble profile to decide whether they're worth swiping right on. According to an astrologer, there are three zodiac signs most likely to be Virgo's soulmates, and while being picky can make finding a relationship tough, you don't really care. As the zodiac's perfectionist, you have high standards for yourself and the people you choose to associate with. If a potential romantic partner doesn't check off all your boxes, they're probably not the one for you. So, who is? You can bet these zodiac matches are perfect for you.

When it comes to love, astrologer Cassady Cayne, tells Bustle that Virgos need a partner with a strong sense of responsibility. "You’re prone to perfectionism, and you don’t want to be burdened with a lazy and messy partner while you take care of everything," Cayne says. "This won’t be a problem with a sign like Capricorn, who shares your sense of duty and ambition, and Taurus, who's reliable and grounded like you."

According to Cayne, the most compatible zodiac sign with Virgo is traditionally Pisces. While these fish can bring balance to Virgo, she says it's usually a challenging relationship long-term since they're opposite signs.

Taurus (April 20 — May 20)

Virgos love how grounded and reliable Tauruses are. You're both earth signs, so you have a lot in common, especially your slow and steady approach to love. As a Virgo, you're prone to overthinking and worrying, and Taurus can help remind you to take a breather every now and then. "Taurus balances you out by getting you to relax, while you balance them by perking up their ambitions," Cayne says. "Together, you'll make an excellent team, and they’ll be your (much needed) soft, calm and caring sanctuary in the world."

Cancer (June 21 — July 22)

Mercury may rule Virgos, but they still find it difficult to express their deeper feelings. You're very sensitive, but getting all emotional on someone will make you seem less than perfect, and you hate that. According to Cayne, Cancer will bring that softer side of you out. "They will wake you up to your own depths and help you open that hard-working heart of yours, and you will help them gain more structure. Together you can gain a beautiful balance of love and fulfillment." It's the type of connection that will open you up to a deeper version of love than you ever knew existed.

Capricorn (December 22 — January 19)

There's a lot to appreciate about Capricorn. Like you, they're ambitious, hardworking, and serious about achieving something great in life. You're both earth signs, so you share a lot of the same values and can pretty much work through anything together. One of the big things that makes you two highly compatible is that you're not put off by your partner's career ambitions. You're both understanding when your partner needs to work late, and have no problem with it. According to Cayne, you both need to learn how to relax, though. Scheduling some quality time in the bedroom can help keep your relationship strong.


Cassady Cayne, astrologer and author of The Universe Speaks, Are You Listening?