11 Totally Bizarre YouTube Beauty Tutorials

There are some utterly strange things in the world, like animals you never knew existed or comedic yet pointless laws. Another thing that would fall into this category is totally bizarre YouTube beauty tutorials, that have to be seen to be believed.

You've likely seen a couple of these odd videos before and have been left feeling perplexed, bemused, and wondering why on earth they exist. With kooky beauty trends going viral on social media (particularly Instagram) you can see why a YouTuber might want to latch on to these eccentric trends, in order to attract more traffic to their websites. Using certain phrases in the titles or images of their videos to lure viewers in — otherwise known as clickbait — is an easy way to get more viewers and more subscribers to your YouTube channel.

However, many YouTubers proclaim to be genuinely curious about the results of these unusual, viral beauty trends. Personally, I can't blame them. I too have fallen victim to the curiosity trap, and I have first hand experience of bizarre beauty trends — mainly because I love experimenting with fashion and beauty, while pushing the boundaries of my comfort zone.

But, there are some weird beauty trends even I wouldn't try. Below are some of the most unusual YouTube beauty tutorials you're likely to find, that might put you off online tutorials forever. On the other hand, you might find yourself addicted to searching for even more bizarre beauty tutorials!

1. The Instagram Contouring Tutorial

Have you ever wanted to contour like a professional Instagrammer? Well now you can with the help of Nikkie Tutorials and a bunch of household items.

2. The Bra Insert Applicator

When your makeup brushes or sponges are in need of a wash, don't worry, apparently using bra inserts to apply your foundation is all the rage.

3. The Geode Lips

Although super beautiful, I can't see these Geode Lips being practical in everyday life.

4. The Water Dip Method

Natalies Outlet tried out this trend, which involved dipping her face in water, while wearing a full face of makeup. The results are surprising!

5. The Stamp On Eyebrows

As the title suggests, YouTuber Jenny Gonzalez tries out an eyebrow stamp. Although the perceived purpose of an eyebrow stamp is to save you time and effort, Jenny's experience is rather different.

6. The Clown Contouring

Clown contouring is one of those super weird hacks that looks insane, but appears to actually work. Plus, the method of application is mesmerizing to watch!

7. The Fiery Foundation

Leyla Rose shows viewers what happens when she heats her foundation using a spoon and a flame. As one YouTuber commented on her video, "Talk about a makeup 'junkie'!"

8. The Ice Baking Technique

From fire to ice — Beauty Vixxen thought baking her foundation with ice gave better results than the underwater foundation method, so she wanted to share the method with her followers. TBH, it looks a little too chilly for my liking.

9. The Drunk Makeup Tutorial

You probably already know who Jenna Marbles is, but if you've never seen her hilarious Drunk Makeup Tutorial, I suggest you watch it immediately. Jenna proves just how tricky it is to do your makeup when you've been day drinking, before continuing the festivities on a night out — if you've ever done this before you'll know it's a challenge to say the least. It makes for some amusing viewing though!

10. The Condom Makeup Applicator

This tutorial does exactly what is says on the tin. Manny Mua and Jeffree Star make such an entertaining duo, but you feel their beauty pain throughout this crazy video.

11. The Kitty Litter Face Mask

You can now take your cat lady status to the next level with this tutorial inspired by Pinterest, showing how to create a face mask made from kitty litter. Delish!

No matter whether these tutorials have inspired or repulsed you, you're sure to find bizarre beauty tutorials seriously entertaining!

Image: Natalies Outlet/YouTube