13 Reasons Why Nick & Corinne Actually Make So Much Sense As A Couple

Jeff Daly/ABC

I know what you're thinking, because anyone who's tuned in to Nick Viall's search for love on The Bachelor this season has it on their mind — why, oh why, oh why is Corinne Olympios still a contender? She's been one of the most controversial contestants in Bachelor history, and many automatically assumed she would be sent home a long time ago, myself very much included. But we're going into Hometowns this week and she's still very much in it, so now might be the time to do a bit of soul-searching and admit to yourself some of the reasons why Nick and Corinne actually make so much sense as a couple.

Because guys, I hate to break it to you, but they do, they really do. I'm not saying Corinne is the person I'd choose to propose to of the top four ladies, mostly because that would mean relinquishing my dream romance with Raven Gates, and I'm not ready to do that yet, but I think Corinne is genuinely the best match for Nick of the women remaining. At least, for where he is in his emotional journey right now. I think that Raven, Vanessa Grimaldi, and Rachel Lindsay are the women he'd like to see himself with, for the man he wants to be, but that Corinne is the best fit for who he really is at this moment. And because I never show up to an argument unprepared, here are the 13 reasons I think so.

1. They're Both An Acquired Taste


Some of my favorite people are the ones I don't like right away, but develop a deeper fondness and appreciation for as I get to know them, and I feel like Corinne and Nick fit into that category. I suspect I'd be friends with both of them if we met in real life instead of me just creeping on them through my TV screen.

2. Neither Was Liked In The House


But the thing about being an acquired taste is, most people don't go on reality TV to acquire you — they're not here to make friends, after all — so neither Nick nor Corinne was what I'd call a favorite in the house on their respective seasons. And since Nick is able to recognize that Corinne is having a similar experience to the one he had on Kaitlyn Bristowe's season of The Bachelorette, I suspect it gives him some empathy for her, and makes him inclined to dig a little deeper than someone else might in his same situation.

3. They Both Got The Villain Edit


Sure, opposites attract, but as we've heard it so wisely put on The Bachelorette, "Villains gotta vill." There's a kind of poetic justice to two receivers of the villain-edit ending up together, changing for no one.

4. They're Both Sex-Positive


Yo real talk, this is huge, and I'm so so so glad Bachelor Nation has gotten to a point where sex is openly discussed on the show instead of being coyly referred to during Fantasy Suites and otherwise ignored. Nick was pretty much the first person to be honest about his sexual exploits on the show — and a few seasons later, we've gotten to a point where Corinne is comfortable talking about her desire to have sex with Nick and her confidence in her sexual prowess right there onscreen, as if it's no big deal. (Because honestly? It isn't.)

5. I Don't Know That Either Of Them Is Ready For Marriage


I'm fully aware that Nick has gotten within inches of proposing three times before, and now he's on a show specifically designed to find him a wife, but I'm not completely convinced he's ~there~ yet, and I have that same sensation about Corinne. So in an ideal world, they end up together and take their time in order to make sure everyone is comfortable, instead of rushing into something due to pressure from the show.

6. I Couldn't Tell You What Either One Does For A Living


Gun to my head, I guess I'd say that Corinne "runs a multi-million dollar business," because that's what she's trained me to say, but all I've seen her do is tap happily away at a computer, and give zero details about the business, so I dunno, you guys. And since Nick has been on four seasons of Bachelor-related shows in a row, it's been a minute since he held a job that was anything other than "television personality." It's a perfect match!

7. She Didn't Cry During Volleyball


Once again, this one is very real. Remember that group date with the volleyball game that ended with everyone crying except for Raven and Corinne? I have no doubt that that day was completely miserable, and I probably would have cried too, so I think it speaks really highly of both those two women that they were able to stay out of their heads and avoid spiraling emotionally. It suggests a certain sort of self-awareness and an overall great attitude that I hope Nick is paying attention to.

8. She's Never Been Unsure About Him


Honestly, I think holding your partner to certain standards at the beginning of a romance is important, just to make sure you're on the same page before things get too far along, but it's also interesting to note that while many of the other women have been pointing out flaws with Nick, and things they hope he improves with over time, Corinne has never complained about his behavior. Aside from some basic discomfort about the situation itself, with him dating one million women at the same time, she's always been on board with him exactly how he is, which is a promising start for any relationship.

9. They Both Understand What Makes Good Television


At this point, Corinne deserves a producing credit on this season, let's be honest.

10. They're Both Built For Paradise


I have a feeling that once Corinne makes it to Bachelor in Paradise — assuming she doesn't win, of course — that everyone's going to have to reevaluate their feelings about her, just like they did for Nick when he went on BIP. There's more to her than we're seeing this season, I just know it.

11. You Don't Want To Mess With Them One On One


I'm not saying it's right, but both of these two can more than hold their own in a face off. Josh Murray thought he could take down Nick on BIP and Taylor Nolan was confident she'd outlast her feud with Corinne, but Nick and Corinne both surprised me and came out on top. Talk about a power couple.

12. They Both Encourage Honesty


I don't want to say they're both honest, because there were some real dicey moments between Corinne and Taylor where I definitely felt like Corinne was at the very least misleading Nick about what had gone on in the house, but they have refreshingly open conversations about how they're feeling and what's been bothering them, and that seems like a good thing.

13. He Sees Her Real Self


Just like Corinne sees the real Nick and accepts him for it, I think Nick also sees the real Corinne — every scheming, flashing, and snoozing last inch of her — and so far, he seems to like it. So really, what more can you ask for?

At the end of the day, you can't argue with chemistry, and these two have a lot more in common than you might have realized. So keep your fingers crossed for Corinne during Monday night's episode, because — and I never thought I'd say this — I really hope she sticks around.