14 Trending Foods You’ll See Everywhere This Summer

by Megan Shepherd

Cute food alert! Summer’s finally here, and in addition to breezy patio weather, rooftop soirees, and all-day brunches, it’s bringing with it a handful of food trends that couldn’t be any more picnic or beach-ready. From colorful treats to feasts in bowls, here are some trendy foods you’ll see this summer.

Turns out, kitschy foods aren’t just for kiddos, and these dishes offer all the evidence you need to believe that people love some good schtick on the stick. Food trends have been taking the internet by storm in recent months (looking at you, mermaid toast and unicorn frappuccinos), and summer 2017 promises to follow suit. While several of these foods aren’t exactly summer-specific, there’s something about their styling that makes them perfect for warmer months. Think shareability, portability, frozen nature, and an abundance of fresh fruit and veggies. Summer always put me in the mood for party hosting, and these foods are begging to be added to the guest list. After all, is there anything cuter than a miniature, shiny cake gem? If there is, I haven’t found it yet. But, I’ll let you be the judge! Check out these foods that are bound to take summer 2017 by storm.

1. Unicarons

What do you get when you mix the unicorn craze with a delicate macaron? Easy: unicarons. You’re welcome, world. Find these at Mac Lab Bakery & Cafe in Duluth, Georgia.

2. Charcoal Ice Cream

Better known in some circles as "Goth Ice Cream," I like to think of this not-so-sweet treat as frozen yogurt’s moody older sister. But don’t misjudge her; she might be dark and twisty on the outside, but deep down, she’s soft and sweet. Find this ice cream at Little Damage in Los Angeles, CA.

3. Galaxy Everything

Rainbow is done, unicorn is over, and the next out-of-this-world food trend is galaxy everything In the words of Zenon, Girl of the 21st Century,those colors are totally stellar.” Taste the space-time continuum yourself at The Bagel Store in Brooklyn, NY.

4. Octopus

Charred octopus, grilled octopus, octopus in salads, octopus by itself, America’s octopus obsession is pretty obvious, don’t you think? Taste the above delicacy at Cucina Paradiso in Oak Park, IL.

5. Summer Bowls

Not that we need another excuse to play with our food, but these bowls are just begging to be styled. Bowls for breakfast, lunch, and dinner are the new norm this summer, as is Instagramming before you eat. Fill your bowl at Blue Bowl Superfoods in Orange, CA.

6. Moscato Popsicles

Frosé has had its moment, and this summer, it’s all about wine and fruit popsicles. Psst: stick it in a glass of Moscato for best results. Snag Kimberly Sneed's recipe at A Night Owl to make your own at home.

7. Cookie Fries

We have Chicago’s The Cookie Joint in Chicago, IL to thank for these adorable, totally genius treats. Don’t forget your chocolate dipping sauce!

8. Cloud Eggs

Pillowy nests of egg whites offer the cumulonimbus cradle for sunny yolks in the latest and greatest egg trend to hit Pinterest. Make 'em at home with this recipe from Travel Fit.

9. Cake Gems

Royal, regal, and fit for a queen, these cake gems should be on every single summer party menu. Pick up a box online from the Royal Candy Co.

10. Mermaid Toast

The craze has gotten a bit overplayed, but we’re still in love with those nautical swirls. Expect to see quite a bit more of this trend as things heat up this summer, or reel in a toast of your own at the East Village Market in London, United Kingdom.

11. Push Pops

Remember peeling off the top, banging the stick on the grown, and enjoying the sherbet inside? The childhood Flintstone favorite gets an upgrade this summer with grown-up push pops. Pick one up at Flatbread Grill in Hoboken, NJ.

12. Poké Bowls

The bowls are back in town this summer, and the Poké variety is showing up in full force. Sample the Hawaiian classic at Poké House in Houston, TX.

13. Coffee Butter

Mornings just got easier. Thanks to coffee butter with toast, you’re getting that much closer to mainlining your morning pick-me-up. Get the recipe from Epicurious.

14. Gourmet Popsicles

Bite into a lightened-up version of your favorite summer snack with pops made with fruit, yogurt, and other fresh ingredients. Find your favorite and Locopops in Durham, NC.