15 Things From The '90s You Probably Regret Getting Rid Of
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Deciding whether or no to hold onto things from your childhood can be quite the conundrum. While it's good to keep paring down your belongings as you get older, there are probably things from the '90s you regret getting rid of — either because they're worth a lot of money now on eBay, or because you simply miss them. The '90s was an epic decade, not just because of all of the awesome gear, but because it was the only decade that had one foot in the tangible world and the other foot stepping into the virtual world; its trappings were unlike those of any other era, so it's to be expected that we'd eventually come to miss some of them.

Depending how old you are, you may clearly remember the shift when cassettes gave way to CDs, VHS tapes were discarded in favor of DVDs, and pagers were forgotten with the introduction of affordable cellphones. While some of these things made our lives a whole lot better, what's a girl to do with her Disney VHS collection, cassette singles, giant basket of scrunchies, and everything else that graced her '90s bedroom?

If you're lucky, and you parents are as nostalgic as you are, they might store these throwback items for you. My parents did for a long time, but when they moved a few years back, they asked all of us — me and two brothers — to come get our stuff out of their house; since only one of us lives locally, though (and we didn't want to haul our childhood items across the country), most of our beloved treasures ended up at Goodwill.

These 15 things from the '90s you regret getting rid of are sure to take you back to the most awesome decade of the 20th century.


Your Disney VHS Collection

When DVDs started to replace VHS tapes, you might have thought your prized Disney collection was going to be obsolete. However, much like vinyl is back in a big way for diehard music fans, so are VHS tapes. If you still have your Disney VHS tapes, you might be sitting on a gold mine. A Beauty and the Beast VHS tape sold for $1,000 last year on eBay.


Pokemon Cards

While "Pokemon Go" is all the rage these days, not only are your original Pokemon cards a reminder of simpler times of playing with actual humans, but even better, some Pokemon cards are worth quite a bit of cash in our everything-old-is-new again economy.


Nickelodeon Time Blaster Radio Alarm Clock

I've recently gone back to using a traditional alarm clock, since the alarm on my phone has failed to go off a few times. How I wish I had this amazing throwback to wake me up each morning! For just a few minutes upon waking I could imagine I was still in the '90s, where everything was simpler, and much more fun. Wait, I can, because the Nickelodeon Time Blaster Radio Alarm Clock is for sale on Amazon.



I could actually really use a Skip-It right now to jazz up my workout routine. A new an improved light-up Skip-It is now on the market, but the classic was ahead of its time, and is still the best. This epic toy got '90s kids moving, and it even counted your steps years before digital step counters were a thing. You could skip alone, or with a friend in a kind of Skip-It double dutch.


Your Entire Wardrobe

In my opinion, the '90s has an edge on subsequent decades in most areas, but nowhere is this more true than in '90s fashion. During the past year I have become extremely nostalgic for my '90s closet, not only because the plaid flannel shirts, baggy jeans, chokers, and hats were equal parts comfortable and cool, but because they are back in a big way. Every time I go outside it looks like people are wearing outfits straight out of my '90s wardrobe. Why, oh why, did I ever get rid of any of those clothes?


Doc Martens

Along with all of those '90s clothes you regret getting rid of, you probably feel a pang for parting with your Doc Martens as well. Nothing said rebel in the '90s like sporting your Doc's with knee socks or funky tights. These are back too, so if you get a pair hold onto them for dear life this time, OK?



While you probably didn't actually have enough makeup and skincare products to justify your Caboodle in the '90s, it sure would come in handy today. The good news is that these tackle box, makeup case, throwbacks known as Caboodles are still sold today, so if you want one — it's yours. But, if you were smart enough to hold onto your original you won't have to buy it again.


Mix Tapes

There is nothing more '90s than a mix tape, and you were probably given one by your BFF or even a crush. Making a mix tape could be seen as a real act of devotion because it literally took forever. Someone really had to think you were worthy to spend the hours necessary to create this personalized gift, which made receiving one extra special. I wish I had kept all of the mix tapes I had been given because having someone send you a Spotify playlist really isn't the same.


Your POG Collection

Playing POGs was a blast as a kid in the '90s. Today it seems like it could be an epic way to relieve stress. All of that throwing in attempt to flip your opponents piece is a really good way to vent frustrations in a healthy way. If you had the forethought to old onto your POG collection, give it a try.


Your Walkman

If you kept your mix tapes, hopefully you saved your Walkman too so you can listen to them whenever you feel nostalgic for the best decade ever. The Walkman was a '90s game changer because it allowed you to listen to music on the go instead of being stuck in your room playing tapes on your boombox.


Bop It

You might remember it from the '90s, or from Luke and Dean's epic Bop It blunder on season 5 of Gilmore Girls. All you had to do to succeed at Bop It was follow the directions faster than your opponent. If you still have this one, it might be fun to pull out at parties, or use to settle arguments instead of rock, paper, scissors.


Your Extensive 'Goosebumps' Library

R.L. Stine was the author to follow in the '90s. Stine wrote 62 books in his original Goosebumps series, and if you were an avid reader chances are you couldn't wait to get your hands on the next book. Books are some of my favorite things ever, but sadly I didn't keep any books from my childhood. If you held onto these books, that's pretty great, and I'm a little jealous.


Moon Shoes

So what the heck was the idea behind Moon Shoes anyway? These little foot trampolines were supposed to let you experience what it was like to walk on the moon. While they look totally ridiculous, these could actually be a pretty effective addition to your workout routine.



If you didn't save your Furby, it's okay because Furby Connect is the newest version of your lovable fake pet from the '90s. Is it an owl, is it a hamster? Does it matter? Furby let us all snuggle with a pet without any of the responsibilities of taking care of an actual dog or cat, because if you forgot to feed your Furby there were no real consequences. Like everything else that's being rebooted, Furby Connect is more high-tech that the original. Only you can decide if this new Furby is also an improvement.



The only reason I wish I still had my Skidz, the ridiculous, plaid clown pants from Merry Go Round, is because they were expensive, and now I could totally wear them as pajamas. Let's face it, Skidz were a mistake, but they sure could make for cozy sleepwear.

What would you add to this list about things you regret getting rid of from the '90s? Can we just bring back the entire decade, please?