16 Podcasts That Are Updated Daily So You Never Have To Wait

Some podcasts update every day with fresh news.

Weekly podcasts are great fun to look forward to, especially when we're used to being able to tear through an entire series in one sitting. But we still have to go to work on all the days in between podcast releases, so you can't go wrong having a back up list of podcasts that are updated daily. Why walk to the office in silence when you could be entertained?

There's a vast variety of daily updated podcasts that feature everything from news and politics to guided meditation and motivational speeches and many colorful and fascinating topics in between. The best part about following daily podcast shows is that it takes some of the deliberating out of the equation. Instead of wasting time every morning trying to find a podcast that sounds as interesting as the weekly podcasts you're subscribed to, leave it up to the daily podcast's curation and queue up the show.

Here I've put together a collection of podcasts that update through the work week. Some will always report on the same theme, while other podcasts will shake it up each day. Pro-tip: subscribe to all of the podcasts that look appealing, so that you have some options to shuffle through in the morning.

1. Your Daily Podcasts

Spotify learns your listening habits and curates a daily podcast playlist for you so that you don't have to waste any time figuring out what to pick. Yes, you can trust ~the algorithm~ to queue up something that you'll find perfectly interesting.

2. The Daily

The New York Time's Daily podcast is one of the most powerfully informative current affairs podcasts out there. It's 20 minutes long and jam packed with breaking news, exclusive interviews, fresh takes, and essentially everything you didn't know you needed to know. It's the kind of podcast that you won't want to listen to alone because you'll be so awake and reactive after listening to it, you'll need to turn to someone and talk about what you just heard.

3. The Daily Mediation Podcast

If you need a little bit of help getting into a meditative state, this daily podcast is the perfect resource. Queue up the day's episode and follow the guided meditation to find your own zen space. Each week there is a new theme that the daily meditations are based off of, so it never gets old.

4. The Daily Poem

Don't have time to read poetry? Now you can listen to it. This podcast features a new poem every day which is read and then discussed briefly. It's the perfect balance of entertainment and education. The podcast is short and sweet so if you love poetry, this should be a staple morning listen, as it will not only expose you to poems you wouldn't find on your own, or remind you of ones you love, but it will also teach out about the poets and the context of the poem.

5. Daily Boost

Need a literal mental boost to start your day on the right foot? This podcast will deliver just that. Featuring a mix of empowering and inspiring content, the Daily Boost is a motivational podcast that packs a lot of good vibes into nine minutes each day.

6. Dateline NBC

Dateline on NBC features a wide range of subjects, from local news to true crime and on-going investigations, it covers everything in between. If you don't have time to watch the news, or are trying to limit your screen time, listen to the podcast version of the show on Spotify. Each episode is typically over an hour long, so this podcast is ideal for lunch breaks and longer commutes.

7. NPR Fresh Air

If you're looking for a podcast on Spotify to fill your long morning commute with a well-rounded and in-depth look at the day's news, look no further than Fresh Air with Terry Gross. It is an award-winning news show that features a balanced mix of talk news and interviews with experts, politicians and interesting and relevant guests. This show runs close to an hour, so if you have a longer commute it will help you make good use of your time.

8. Today, Explained

Every day, the news and pop culture publication and media house, Vox, releases a show ranging from 20 to 30 minutes long. Each show reflects what's going on in the news that day, and only centers around that one subject. It's a pretty in-depth look at a trending topic each day so you'll have more than enough information to discuss the subject with your friends and coworkers.

9. TED Talks Daily

If you love being inspired by TED Talks, you're going to love this daily podcast that condenses epic presentations into digestible shows about 10 minutes long. For a burst of motivation on your morning commute, these mini daily shows are great.

10. The Daily Show With Trevor Noah

This Comedy Central podcast is a compact concentration of the Daily Show with Trevor Noah on TV, that you can enjoy without looking at a screen. Or, if you missed the show last night, you can listen to it in the morning on your way to work. It covers everything from pop culture to international affairs and gives you a sneak peak at its major conversation topics in its daily episode title.

11. Snacks Minute

Robinhood's daily podcast for financial news isn't just for people working in finance. It's a peppy and easy to digest show that discusses everything that's currently happening in the world from a financial perspective. From how the coronavirus is affecting the economy to how Venmo's update will affect users, this show illuminates all of the ways in which finances effect us.

12. Radio 1's Scott Mills Daily Podcast

From BBC Radio, enjoy Scott Mills' daily podcast featuring everything from music to pop culture and news. It's a high energy show that runs through everything that people are talking about on the internet, perfect to listen to before you log online for the day. There are interviews with celebrities and spirited recaps of popular TV shows and events.

13. Daily Funny Word History

If you want a break from the news, tune into this daily podcast that breaks down words in a fascinatingly academic way. Learn about the history of common words and amp up your party fodder with fun facts and a greater understanding of the English language and how it has evolved.

14. NPR Up First

Up First is NPR's morning news podcast geared toward the early risers. If you are up first, you'll be able to get the news first. Every week day a new podcast is released at 6 a.m. EST, so you can get a moderate briefing in before you even think about breakfast.

15. Today's Top Podcasts

This Spotify podcast playlist will pop the day's most popular podcast into your queue so that you can listen to whatever everyone else is listening to. If you don't have a preference for what kind of content you want to hear about, this is a great decision making option. From comedy, to poetry, to news, you never know what you're going to get.

16. BBC News Minute

This daily news podcast is literally one minute long, making it the perfect brief to listen to before you walk into the office. It essentially gives you a headline-length summary of a handful of the biggest news stories of the day so that you can look up the full story later on. If you don't have time to listen to a full news show or read any articles in the morning, this podcast is a great resource.