19 Things People Are Still Mourning From The '90s


When I wrap up a long, stressful day of work, nothing soothes my soul like DunkAroos, an episode of Rugrats, and finishing up the new hat I've been bedazzling. Oh... oh no — I'm sorry. That was my life in the '90s. In today's culture of technology advancing at warped speed and youngsters who are getting tougher to please, the list of things people miss from the '90s keeps growing. It was a simpler time, a slower time, when we didn't need fancy gadgets to impress us, unless you consider Game Boy a fancy gadget. We wanted tasty after-school snacks, Nickelodeon marathons, and maybe the latest Super Soaker to come out. Not asking too much, right?

It seems like just yesterday we were singing along to the Hanson Brothers and trying to sneak Bubble Yum into school even though chewing gum wasn't allowed. The last few decades — yes, it's been that long — flew by in the blink of an eye, which is perhaps why we still feel like computer data should be stored on floppy disks and Y2K is still an imminent threat. Alas, times have changed. That won't stop us from reminiscing about these 19 things we miss about the '90s, though.

Comfortable Fashion

Listen, I'm not here to argue about the inconvenience of tube tops. Let's talk about baggy tie-dye shirts and skorts.

Being A Kid

Homework was our only responsibility. Pop quizzes were all we stressed about. Getting back home before the street lights came on was our main concern. Those were the days.

Not Having Smartphones

In the '90s, all the stupid stuff you did lived on only in the minds and memories of the people who were witnesses. These days, it ends up on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, and group texts.


Does anybody still use disposable cameras? No? ... Me either. I was just checking. But, IDK, I kind of miss that sound they would make when you would turn the little dial so you could take the next picture.


Let's all be honest about what we're really talking about here: Space Jam.


*Sigh* Like it or not, we are (understandably) salty about this these days.

Pop-Up Videos

Parents just didn't understand this. It was entertaining AND educational.

The Hair

Bowl cuts. Big ponytails. Scrunchies. Mini buns. Frosted tips. Little tendrils hanging out. There was no hair like '90s hair.

After-School Fun

Think about it. Was there any better feeling than that of coming home, tossing your heavy backpack aside, digging into a hot plate of Pizza Rolls and a refreshing glass of cherry Kool-Aid, and kicking back with some Boy Meets World? Nope!

The Jams

Music just isn't the same anymore! I miss listening to my scratched Spice Girls CD and following along with the lyrics printed on the inside.

The Alone Time

These days, you are never truly alone. People know they can access you 24/7, and that constant availability drives some of us crazy. In the '90s, it was still possible to be really and truly alone.


Friday night rituals included heading to your local Blockbuster to rent a few movies — and, if Mom was in a good mood, a pack of Fun Dip.

Video Games

Today's video games look far too real — scary, considering the violence in some of them. But back in the days of Duck Hunt and Mario Kart, it was all about good, clean fun.

A Lower Level Of Stress

The digital age comes with this incredibly heightened sense of caution and paranoia, and I'm fairly certain the government is spying on me through my phone.


Why were these fun? How? They were so incredibly pointless. Don't care. Still love them.


Holidays in general were so much better in the '90s. We actually celebrated. Like, we went all out. We decorated the house and decorated at school and costume selection was of utmost important and food and candy were life. And then we grew up. (It's a trap.)

Quality Television Programming

I don't know what happened, but today's TV kids look like they're in their 20s. Children grow up entirely too fast, and it's all too evident on TV. What happened to Mister Rogers?!

No Caller ID

Is it your grandma? Is it your principal? Who knows?

Spending Real Time Together

We have too many ways to entertain ourselves without ever needing to look up from our phones. Remember that thing we used to do in the '90s where we would talk to each other?