21 Social Justice Documentaries On Netflix


Although documentaries come in all forms and cover countless subjects, it seems the ones that receive the most notoriety are those that focus on social justice. Whether the issue is related to race, gender, income, criminal justice, or animal welfare, hard-hitting nonfiction films can often shed light on subjects that don't receive enough attention from the mainstream media. And a good place to find many of these social justice documentaries is on Netflix, which has become known as a great place to go to catch amazing docs.

When many people today here the term "social justice," they may think of the term "social justice warrior," which has become an internet-age synonym for what was once referred to as the "PC Police" — people who make it their mission to prevent others from conducting themselves in a politically incorrect manner. In actuality, though, social justice refers to just the basic idea that justice and fairness should extend equally to all members of a society; and certain groups should not be discriminated against nor disenfranchised simply because they are different. For whatever reason, this idea is considered controversial to a lot of people, but maybe if those who profess opposition to social justice were to watch some of these documentaries on Netflix, they may start to see the world in a different light.

'The Hunting Ground'
'The Thin Blue Line'

This '80s documentary proves that wrongful convictions are not a new phenomenon.


If you think American politics are corrupt, take a look at Zimbabwe.


The doc explores the lives of sex workers in Chicago.

'Food, Inc.'

This might just change the way you eat...

'The True Cost'

And this might change the way you dress.

'Cartel Land'

A look at the illegal drug trade, and those fighting back against it.

'India’s Daughter'

The 2012 gang rape and murder of an Indian woman sparked widespread protests in the country that finally forced India to confront a major problem.

'Pussy Riot: A Punk Prayer'

Russia's foremost feminist group is now more relevant than ever.

'The Look Of Silence'

Victims of genocide finally have their voices heard.

'The Hard Stop'

The targeting of black men by police isn't strictly an American problem.

'The Ivory Game'

Social justice doesn't just apply to humans.

'Requiem For The American Dream'

Ever feel like the economy is rigged? That's because it is, according to this doc.

'Race To Nowhere'

Good thing the new Education Secretary will fix America's school system (heavy sarcasm).

'Inside Job'

Ever wonder why the economy collapsed in 2008? Wonder no more.

'Dawg Fight'

Some people have to literally fight their way out of a bad situation.


Human trafficking is more of a problem than you think.


The world owes these park rangers a debt of gratitude.

'Crips And Bloods: Made In America'

Gang warfare is still a big problem in Los Angeles.

'Whores' Glory'

Sex work varies around the world.

These docs might open your eyes to issues and causes from around the globe.