What To Watch On Netflix When You've Seen It All

by Ashley Rey

You're all caught up with Stranger Things, rewatched all seven seasons of Park and Recreations for the third time, and totally cleared out the unwatched content on your DVR. Falling into a Netflix hole of possibilities sounds overwhelming when you don't have any recommendations. But you're in luck, because I have a list of unexpected things to watch on Netflix when you're in search of something new to obsess over.

Some are new, some are old, but most are often overlooked. Basically, these Netflix options will fill all of your television fixes. And whether you're looking for a chilling documentary to sink your teeth into, or another rom-com series to become a fan of, there's a little bit of everything for every mood. Just think of the options as the "hidden gems" of the streaming platform. You know, the projects that have either fallen through the cracks, or the ones that you thought were a little too weird to try out.

I've listed some of my favorite pieces of content on Netflix that I began watching on a whim, once I cleaned out my Rolodex of go-tos. Now, block off your calendar for the entire weekend and get your marathon on.


'Santa Clarita Diet'

Erica Parise / Netflix

Santa Clarita Diet is the weirdest television comedy I think I've ever loved in my life. It stars Drew Barrymore as a dead-yet-alive real estate agent, along with Timothy Olyphant, as her ride-or-die husband and business partner.


'Chewing Gum'


Michaela Coel is so talented and her show Chewing Gum is the most hilarious thing I've watched all year. Season 1 of the British comedy is available on Netflix now, and Season 2 is expected to come to the United States just in time for spring.



Neil Davidson/Netflix

Follow this group of 20-somethings as they try to help their pal Dylan rehash his sexual history, in order to find out who he contracted an STD from. Trust me... you won't be disappointed.


'What Happened, Miss Simone?'


What Happened, Miss Simone? gives fans of the legend a deep look into the good, bad, and ugly of both her personal life and career — all of which are narrated by her daughter, Lisa Celeste Stroud.



Suzanne Hanover/Netfflix

One of my favorite rom-com series to watch, Love is the quirky story every young couple would kill to have. It stars Community's Gillian Jacobs and the hilarious Paul Rust. Season 2 just premiered on March 10, and you'd totally want to watch Season 1 before diving in.


'Echo Park'

Atlantic Releasing Corporation

Echo Park is the perfect indie film to completely indulge in if you're looking for something simple, yet inspiring to watch. It's a story about a couple who cross cultural and economic barriers to be together, and it'll warm your heart.


'The Get Down'


The Get Down follows the lives of mid-1970s New York teenagers in love with hip-hop and disco, as they fight for a chance to be "seen." There's still time to catch up on the first half of Season 1 before the second half is released this August.



Adam Newport-Berra/Netflix

And this recommendation is for all of you fellow Number 44 obsessed historians out there. Barry lets us into the mind of a young Barack Obama, as he attends Columbia and battles with his identity as a half-black/half-white man in America.



Magnolia Pictures

This powerful documentary tells of musical legend Bob Marley's life in a way that I've never witnessed before. It'll definitely give you a whole new appreciation for reggae music and Caribbean culture.


'White Helmets'


The Oscar-winning documentary follows the lives of the men who volunteer to rescue Syrians affected by war. You'll need a box of tissues, for sure.



Steffan Hill/Netflix

This six-part series will be entertaining for those who wish The Walking Dead was a little bit more comical. It stars a familiar face to Chewing Gum fans — Susan Wokoma, aka Cynthia, Tracey's God-fearing sister. And just like the Michaela Coel creation, it's guaranteed to make your stomach cramp from laughing too hard.


'Black Mirror'

David Dettmann/Netflix

Another British series, Black Mirror is a science-fiction show that mixes modern societal themes with satire. And might I say, that they do this perfectly. Prepare to have your mind blown.


'13th: A Conversation with Oprah Winfrey & Ava DuVernay'

Eric Charbonneau/Netflix

There's a ton of hype surrounding Ava DuVernay's Oscar-nominated documentary 13th, but the sit-down between Oprah and DuVernay is also not one to be missed.


'The Carrie Diaries'

The CW

You probably don't remember this Sex and the City spin-off hitting your TV screens early 2013, but it totally did. It was great — which doesn't hold any weight, considering it was canceled after its first season — and helped us get to know our fave Carrie Bradshaw a little better.




This anthology series is probably one of my favorites. It explores the way sex, technology, and culture plays into each and every relationship shown. There are a total of eight episodes, with each being about 28 minutes long, so it's super easy to marathon.


'The Great British Baking Show'


The title says it all, and it's one of the best gosh darn game shows I've seen in a while. Bottom line: We need access to more British TV shows.


'The Office' (U.K.)


Speaking of British TV shows, you may want to place this one at the top of your watch list. The Office (U.K.) is pretty much the U.S. version's daddy, and it's just as hilarious — if not more so.


'November Rule'

Flavor Unit Entertainment

This rom-com never made it to theaters, but it's one of my favorites to watch when I need a little pick-me-up. It's about an entrepreneur who uses his boyish charm to win back his girlfriend from a professional basketball player, and it's so bad it's good.


'Making A Murder'


This crime documentary series premiered on Netflix a little over a year ago, and to my surprise, many people I know still haven't tuned in. It's suspenseful, entertaining, and down-right mind-boggling.



FilmOne Distribution

Think Sex and the City, but with Nigerian women. And it's fantastic.


'Burning Sands'


This Netflix Original shows just what happens when fraternity hazing goes a little too far. Some NPHC Greeks may be a little offended by its existence, but it's worth a watch nonetheless.