23 Things That Were Popular In The '90s But Are Extinct Now


Not too long ago, websites started saying that hair barrettes came back in style, and I was all, "Uh, when did they ever leave?" Back in the '90s, barrettes were life. Unfortunately, many things were relegated to the '90s graveyard and never really returned — likes scrunchies, tie-dye shirts, and puka shell necklaces. And this barely scratches the surface. The list of things that were popular in the '90s but are extinct now is exceedingly long, considering today's world of self-driving cars and smart homes.

Anyone who lived through the '90s will vouch for how unforgettable it was. Technology was booming, the fashion was unparalleled, and the after-school snacks were unlike anything you've ever tasted.

Once the millennium hit, everything started to change. Somebody decided popcorn shirts were a good idea, and the Razr flip phone experienced its heyday. We also have the millennium to blame for Y2K, although it also gave us MySpace, so there's the silver lining.

While some things were left in the '90s and need to stay there (I'm looking at you, JNCO jeans), other things? We miss dearly. *Cough* Polly Pocket...

Here are 24 things that were iconic of the decade that you'll be hard-pressed to find nowadays.

1. Getting Pictures Developed From Disposable Cameras

OGNini on reddit

Taking your own photos (and printing them) is NBD today, but back in the day, it was a process. Plus, you never knew what you were going to end up with. A lovely family photo? A picture your cousin took up his nose? Only time would tell.

2. Socker Boppers

jbond11490 on reddit

Remember when beating each other up used to be not only acceptable but fun? Intuition tells me that parents today wouldn't love the idea of their children punching each other in the face.

3. Walkman

jdcortereal on reddit

The name was deceiving because you had to walk really carefully and hold the device level or the music would skip. The '90s were really hard.

4. Magic Eye Posters

jdcortereal on reddit

Personally, I think these posters were BS and didn't actually hide any images. They were cool to look at, though.

5. Pogs

DankestDaddy69 on reddit

THE most pointless toy of the '90s, excluding Beanie Babies. That didn't stop us from collecting them, though.

6. Jelly Shoes

scubalubasteve on reddit

These aren't really extinct, but they certainly have evolved. I wonder if they still give you horrendous blisters and stick to your feet when you start to sweat.

7. Butterfly Hair Clips

brookeky on reddit

The best ones were the clips that held their butterflies by little springs, so that every time you moved your head, they sort of... bobbled.

8. Music Videos

saltywatermelonsoda on reddit

Pop-Up Videos were the best — entertaining and educational.

9. Blow-Up Furniture

cayce_leighann on reddit

It was a cool idea, but it just stunk the way the backs of your thighs stuck to it in the summer.

10. Tamagotchis

ethan1el on reddit

Taking care of our pets was v. serious and not to be taken lightly. And if you forgot to feed them? Shame, shame, shame on you.

11. Dial-Up Internet

Pokestralian on reddit

Nobody would wait around for dial-up to kick in today. We'd rather move to a new house with faster internet.

12. Paper Maps

JohnG68 on reddit

Remember keeping these in the glove box? Do people even know how to read maps anymore?

13. AltaVista

copiae on reddit

The original Google!

14. Super Thin Eyebrows

SonaMpel7 on reddit

The Kardashians helped make thick eyebrows cool, although I prefer my own eyebrows, which are completely asymmetrical and the left one has a patch missing.

15. Payphones

jarheaditsmii on reddit

You always had to carry change on you just in case. But these days, if a store has a payphone outside, it kind of makes you wonder. Is the place abandoned? Is it run by cannibals? Better go somewhere else.

16. JNCOs


The only pants in fashion history that doubled as parachutes. #multifunctional

17. Floppies

razv4n99 on reddit

Children today will never understand the how amazing '90s technology was.

18. Needing To Rewind Your VHS Rentals

somedude456 on reddit

Remember how inconvenienced you felt when you'd pop in a new video and learn that the imbecile who rented it before you had the audacity NOT to rewind it?

19. Your Family Meeting You When You Get Off A Plane

LadyBugPuppy on reddit

They still meet you at the airport — after you go through security (twice) and become BFFs with everyone in the TSA.

20. The Rachel

hkr006 on reddit

A good idea in theory, but nobody was prepared for the maintenance involved.

21. Switching Phones

theburnabykid on reddit

This was a serious workout, but what choice did we have?

22. Showing Up Unannounced

Kadeslayer on reddit

Try this today and they'll probably call the police.

23. Slap Bracelets

padkins0007 on reddit

The more you had stacked up your arm, the cooler you were. Forget what you've heard about the safety risk involved.