3 Zodiac Signs Most Likely To Have A Virtual One-Night Stand

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Everyone has different expectations right as they turn on their phones and download Tinder. Some folks want to exit quarantine in a stable relationship, ready to take on post-pandemic life with someone by their side. They've been using their time at home to peruse dating apps, chat via Zoom, and form connections that'll last. And then there are the zodiac signs who just want to have a virtual one-night stand.

And really, is that so much to ask? We've all been sheltering at home for so long now, a quick hookup via video chat will be the best way to get a little action — until it's safe to venture outside again. Since it airs on the risqué side of things, though, it might be more in tune with the signs who are willing to try new things and get a bit sexy. You won't, for instance, catch a Taurus or a Virgo sending saucy pics to a stranger any time soon, since they're much more into commitment.

For other signs, a virtual one-night stand will only sound like a good idea. They'll be into the idea of flirting from afar, masturbating, stripping — or whatever else feels right, once it's been talked about and agreed upon by all involved. Here, the three zodiac signs, who will be most game to use technology to their advantage, and have a little fling.

Aries (March 21 — April 19)

Aries folks are always down for a good time, and as such have pretty much been clawing at the walls throughout most of quarantine. Since they love meeting new people and having interesting experiences, staying at home — and not getting to have fun random hookups — has been excruciating. So what's a bored, lonely, and sexually frustrated Aries to do?

Enter: virtual one-night stands. As a very direct fire sign, they're going to be the person who suggests slipping away to a breakout room during a Zoom party or asking to exchange numbers for a sultry, late-night FaceTime call.

They're brazen. They're bold. And, they tend to have a more casual approach when it comes to dating in general. While a hookup can certainly turn into something more, they love the excitement of fleeting life experiences, and won't expect to keep a relationship going once the call ends.

Gemini (May 21 — June 20)

Geminis have a way of opening up during conversations, especially with strangers. It often isn't much of a leap to turn casual flirting — say, at your next virtual game night — into something more. They're experts when it comes to charm, so you'll know when they're interested. And before long, you'll be sneaking away for some privacy, just like you would IRL.

But instead of looking for a shadowy corner at a house party, or leaving hand-in-hand from a bar, you'll be dimming the lights and getting ready to spend an evening alone — but together — from your respective apartments.

As a social sign, Gemini isn't too keen on spending time by themselves, which is another reason why they'll be extra excited about having a one-night stand. They love company, but as an air sign are just as happy to cut things off the next morning — or a few hours later — and leave it at that.

Aquarius (Jan. 20 - Feb. 18)

Aquarius has always done things their own way. So even if others can't fathom having a virtual one-night stand in the middle of quarantine, they won't let judgment hold them back. They'll be open to giving it a try and will use their strong imaginations to figure out how it all works. What kinds of hot photos can they send? What are the best camera angles? Their minds will be buzzing.

Of course, a one-night stand will be even more intriguing because it's fleeting, which is perfect for an Aquarius who's all about maintaining that no-strings-attached way of life. They'll be down for a whirlwind night of dirty talk, and just as happy to go their own way once the evening is over.

Not everyone will be into the idea of virtual one-night stands, but for these signs, the siren call of a Zoom breakout room will be tough to ignore. If the opportunity presents itself, it won't be long before they're fulfilling all their quarantine needs, from the safety of their home.