7 Best Documentaries On Netflix UK, Because This Weather Calls For A TV Marathon

With the current buzz surrounding Netflix documentaries including Fyre: The Greatest Festival That Never Happened and The Ted Bundy Tapes, now feels like a perfect time to dive into the brilliant selection of documentaries the streaming platform has to offer its subscribers. Whether you're in the mood for terrifying real-life crime stories or an insightful political thriller — Netflix have well and truly got you covered. However, there is a vast amount of offerings on the streaming service, so I've gone ahead and selected the best documentaries on Netflix UK right now. Let the marathon commence.

As you'd expect, Netflix covers just about every televisual want and need. Below you'll find more than a few true crime masterpieces, the best of the documentary master himself, Louis Theroux, and a brilliant slice of Lady Gaga that will have you watching A Star Is Born in whole new light. One of the benefits of documentary viewing is that you go into work on a Monday with an infinite raft of anecdotes you can share with your colleagues while you avoid getting down to any work. Watch these shows and you'll have the best water cooler chat in the game, promise. Here are seven of the best documentaries currently streaming on Netflix UK.