7 Gripping Docs Streaming On Netflix RN That'll Have You Glued To The Sofa For Days

With the current buzz surrounding Netflix documentaries including Fyre: The Greatest Festival That Never Happened and The Ted Bundy Tapes, now feels like a perfect time to dive into the brilliant selection of documentaries the streaming platform has to offer its subscribers. Whether you're in the mood for terrifying real-life crime stories or an insightful political thriller — Netflix have well and truly got you covered. However, there is a vast amount of offerings on the streaming service, so I've gone ahead and selected the best documentaries on Netflix UK right now. Let the marathon commence.

As you'd expect, Netflix covers just about every televisual want and need. Below you'll find more than a few true crime masterpieces, the best of the documentary master himself, Louis Theroux, and a brilliant slice of Lady Gaga that will have you watching A Star Is Born in whole new light. One of the benefits of documentary viewing is that you go into work on a Monday with an infinite raft of anecdotes you can share with your colleagues while you avoid getting down to any work. Watch these shows and you'll have the best water cooler chat in the game, promise. Here are seven of the best documentaries currently streaming on Netflix UK.


'Making A Murderer'

I'll kick off this list with an arguably obvious choice, but if you haven't seen this real-life crime doc yet, you should absolutely believe the hype — because Making A Murderer makes for some compelling viewing.

This ten-episode Netflix original series tells the story of Steve Avery, a man who was charged with murder just two years after completing an eighteen-year prison sentence for a crime he didn't commit. The documentary was filmed over an entire decade, and takes viewers into the depths of Avery's original criminal conviction and his trial for the murder of Teresa Halbach. A second series, titled Making A Murderer Part 2, was also released last October, but it's probably best to start this story from the very beginning.


'Louis Theroux: Savile'

Samir Hussein/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Quite frankly, anything that stars Louis Theroux gets a thumbs up from me, but one documentary in particular stands out among the crowd as one of his very best. I am referring to Lous Theroux: Savile, which takes a prescient look back at Theroux's own encounters with disgraced TV icon Sir Jimmy Savile. Theroux hears from those who fell victim to Savile's predatory advances, and retells the story of the broadcaster's posthumous fall from grace.


'Gaga: Five Foot Two'

In a rare behind-the-scenes look into the life of pop chameleon Lady Gaga, viewers are given raw access to the intense preparations for an international album release, and the 2017 Super Bowl Halftime Show. Gaga: Five Foot Two follows the world-renowned icon as she struggles with the downsides of fame and chronic illness, and it follows Gaga as she delves deep into her family history. Even if you're not a Gaga fan, this is a documentary not to be missed.


'Abducted In Plain Sight'

This true-crime Netflix documentary tells the harrowing tale of the Broberg family, who's daughter Jan was abducted not once but twice by their friend and next-door neighbour, Robert Berchtold. This mind-boggling story outlines how the family fell prey to the manipulations of their villainous neighbour, and it should absolutely be a top your "must watch" list.


'Flint Town'

The Netflix original documentary Flint Town displays the very real problems facing the U.S. city of Flint. Citizens in the troubled region currently face mass unemployment, street violence, minimal government funding, and, most famously, a toxic water supply. This fascinating doc follows the region's police force, who face a losing battle in trying to retain a sense of order in an increasingly chaotic setting.


'Amanda Knox'

The tragic murder of Leeds University student Meredith Kercher captured the attention of the world back in 2007, and for all the wrong reasons. This gripping documentary tells the uncensored story of Amanda Knox, who was convicted, and later acquitted, for the murder of the British student. The programme includes various accounts of what happened on that fateful November evening from those who were involved in the trial that made Amanda Knox one of the most polarising figures in the world.


'Get Me Roger Stone'

I think it's fair to say that the current political climate, both in the UK and across the pond, has been nothing short of circus-like over the past few years — and the political documentary Get Me Roger Stone perfectly captures the absurdity of those who were instrumental in the election of Donald Trump. This Netflix doc explores the life of Republican political strategist Roger Stone, who is known for his less-than-ethical approach to politics. In light of Stone's recent arrest, this insightful documentary just got a whole lot more interesting.