Here Are The 7 Fitness Trends Experts Say Are Going To Be Huge This Year


Whether you work out at home or in the gym, basic cardio and weightlifting tend to be the staples in most people's fitness routines, with the occasional spin class, yoga class, or nature walk thrown into the mix. However, there always seems to be new, inventive fitness trends that rise in popularity, and that eventually become The Thing everyone wants to try. The fitness trends that are going to be huge in 2019 might surprise you, but may also give you ideas on how to keep your workouts feeling fresh — with some classics thrown in there for good measure.

Data collected by the company ClassPass revealed that strength/resistance training — aka, training that utilizes weightlifting — was the top workout that ClassPass members chose in 2018. What's more, treadmill classes (yes, that's a thing) were found to be a the fastest growing fitness trend across the U.S. Cycling and yoga, as well as barre and Pilates classes, were also among the most popular workouts in some U.S. cities this past year, according to ClassPass.

So, what workouts will rule in 2019? From group classes to swimming, here are the seven fitness trends that are projected to be everywhere this year, according to research from fitness companies.


Shorter Class Times And Workouts

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According to Shari Castelli, the Director of Empowerment Funding and Expansion at ClassPass, shorter classes and workouts are in higher demand — especially for those with busy schedules. “ClassPass found that 33 percent more people signed up for classes 44 minutes or less in 2018 than they did in 2017. People are busier than ever, and studios are catering to that more and more,” Castelli tells Bustle, adding that, “9 percent class schedules under 44 minutes were added to ClassPass last year.”


Group Classes

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Group fitness classes in general seem to be on the rise in 2019. “Following the rise of boutique fitness, we believe that group fitness classes will continue to increase in popularity as more and more consumers discover the motivational appeal of working out as a community,” Amaya Weddle, Ph. D., the Director of Product Marketing and Research at MINDBODY, says. “Our research from earlier in 2018 shows that 27 percent of U.S. adults participate in group fitness once a week or more.”

NBC News reported in 2017 that research has shown working out in a group setting actually has health benefits. Studies have found that group classes may help you feel more motivated and supported during your sweat sesh. And, it can help you stick to your workout routine or take it to the next level.


Treadmill Classes Are Especially Popular

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Treadmill classes may have earned the title of the fastest growing fitness trend in 2018 according to Classpass, but Castelli says that they are projected to become even more sought-after in 2019. “As studio fitness continues to rise year after year, it’s not surprising that we’re seeing more classes incorporating treadmills,” she says. “Running has always been a popular form of exercise and combining that with the same team atmosphere, awesome playlists and motivating instructors we love in cycling and high intensity interval training (HIIT) classes, has made running inside more appealing than ever.”



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It may be the middle of winter, but swimming is a predicted fitness trend for 2019, according to MINDBODY. Weddle says that, “For individual fitness activities, swimming seems to have universal appeal for all age groups.” As TIME reported, swimming is easier on your joints, back, and your body in general — making it a great option for someone looking for the health benefits of exercise, without the added pressure (and possible injury) other forms of cardio can cause.


Fitness Apps

Considering that fitness apps are super accessible — and can be completed at home, outside, or even while traveling — it’s no wonder that they will continue to grow in popularity. “Fitness technologies and apps such as the Fitplan app will be huge in 2019, and will only continue to grow,” Amanda Cerny, a fitness expert who recently launched the ‘Cerny Fit’ plan on the Fitplan app, tells Bustle. “People love the idea of being able to access valuable information from their devices, from the convenience of their own home, as people can see success with social and technology friendly programs that are easy and fun to use.”


Kickboxing And HIIT Workouts

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“Our data [at MINDBODY] shows that kickboxing, HIIT, and CrossFit classes are receiving a lot of interest among Gen Zers and Millennials,” says Weddle. However, you can still partake in these trends at home if you don’t live near a gym offering them as classes. People have found both kickboxing and HIIT workouts are great coping skills that can boost your mood and self-esteem.



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Lastly, Weddle says that yoga will continue to rise in popularity this year, as it has done over the past few years. Yoga has been "a fitness mainstay for many years now, but [...] our data shows it’s the most popular group exercise modality across all age groups in the U.S.,” she explains. “We believe an aspect of yoga’s long-standing influence stems from studios introducing their students to new ways of approaching and improving their holistic health — including their mind and body.”

Research has shown that yoga can boost your body’s production of oxytocin and endorphins, help regulate your sleep cycle, lower your stress, and even lower levels on inflammation in your body. You can do yoga at home or in a class setting, but try to develop a practice that is mindful of cultural appropriation. You could even opt to find a studio that is free of racial or size discrimination.

Much of the workouts that are predicted to be popular in 2019 are accessible, which is a big win for anyone who likes to work out. Even if don't you partake in the fitness trends that will be big this year, try to get moving in ways that feel beneficial to your health and wellness.