7 Sex Toys That Look Exactly Like Lipstick

According to Lovehoney's Sex Toy Census 2017, the sex toy retailer shipped five million sex toys around the world in 2016. That's a pretty impressive amount for just one retailer. But with numbers like that it's easy to understand how sex toys have become a $15 billion a year industry globally and with new innovation constantly being introduced to consumers, that dollar amount is just going to grow and grow. Basically, there's no stopping the sex toy industry and, more importantly, there's a toy for everyone. Literally. No matter what you're into, there's a toy for you. It's a guarantee.

It's here, in this industry that aims to please everyone, that lipstick vibrators where born, because of course. They're fun, they're kitschy, they're portable, and just like most mini bullet vibes out there, even the ones not shaped like lipstick, they totally deliver. But while lipstick vibrators are all these things, their biggest selling point is just how inconspicuous they are.

While there's no shame in owning vibrators, using sex toys, or masturbating, having something that's your little secret can be a lot of fun. Because that's the case, here are seven lipstick vibrators you'll want in your purse ASAP.


Iroha Stick Vibe

Despite its small size, this fantastic little lipstick vibrator packs quite a punch. Sure, it has multiple speeds, which is great. But where it really delivers is in the fact that you can get a whole five hours of use from just one battery. Between its sleek look and its five hours of satisfaction, the Iroha Stick Vibe is the perfect travel companion.


My Secret Screaming O Vibrating Lipstick

This vibrator that looks just like any other hot pink shade of lipstick you might be carrying around in your bag has four speeds, including a "tease" speed, and a flexible tip for those who need a variety of pressure. And, if you're thinking you might need some mascara to go with this lipstick, Screaming O also has My Secret Vibrating Mascara, because the world is full of magic and this is proof of it.


Womanizer 2Go

When Womanizer first joined the ranks of sex toys back in 2015, it was groundbreaking with its patented PleasureAir stimulator that kicked vibration to the curb. Although it's a been a few years and Womanizer has expanded its line, it still delivers — even in smaller packages like the Womanizer 2Go. With six speeds and two size removable head options (because there's no such thing as one clitoris fits all), this vibrator can literally go anywhere and everywhere; no one will be the wiser.


Blush Rose Lipstick Vibe

This one by Blush literally knocks it out of the park in lipstick look-a-like status. While all these vibrators are aesthetically pleasing, it's this one that looks exactly like a tube of lipstick. So if you can't imagine leaving home without a vibrator and you're self-conscious about being found out, this one is definitely your best option. But never forget: there's no shame in masturbation, so don't let yourself get too self-conscious about it.


LELO Mia 2

Similar to Womanizer, when it comes to vibrators, LELO doesn't mess around. You know you're paying more than you might want to for a vibrator, but you also know you're getting a product that will not disappoint. So slick, so awesome, with a look that puts it right at home with a pile of cosmetics, LELO Mia 2 exists to make our lives better.


Kandi Kisses Lipstick Vibrator

While not as expensive as Womanizer, but definitely a jump in price from Iroha, this lipstick vibrator from Bedroom Kandi at least offers a one-year warranty to go with its three speed and four vibration patterns. Its tip is firm, for those who prefer that to the flexible tip you get in Screaming O's version of the lipstick vibrator, and it sort of has a high-end look to it — almost sort of Chanel-esque, if I do say so myself.


My Secret Screaming O Vibrating Lip Balm

Some of us are just more lip balm type of folks. Since that's the case, then it makes sense that these lip balm-loving people have their own "lipstick vibrator" version and that's exactly what they get with My Secret Screaming O Vibrating Lip Balm, which has a single-speed motor and is super discreet.

There you have it — small vibes that look like just like lipstick but let's face it, are way more fun.