7 Unconventional Hen Party Ideas Under £100, Because It's Time To Make Them Fun Again

As a semi-seasoned bridesmaid, I understand the necessity of furnishing the lovely bride-to-be with a hen party that is tailored to her and the sort of thing she is likely to enjoy. After all, while the standard formula of dressing up with pink sashes and nailing the cocktails can be really good fun, it's not for everyone, and some hens require a more bespoke affair. But if truth be told, it can be tricky coming up with unconventional hen party ideas. It really doesn't have to be though, and you can actually take inspiration from anything that the bride loves, whether it's K-Beauty rituals or a '70s disco.

Of course, one of the biggest problems bridesmaids face when planning is the cost. Hen parties can be a pricey business for all involved, with the average spend per person last year estimated at £153.00, according to party planning experts Go Hen. But have no fear because I've got your back. Yep, every idea listed below comes in at under £100. So if you've been tasked with the grand responsibility of putting together a hen party for a pal who wants a departure from the ordinary, then keep reading as we enter the world of alternative and unconventional hen parties on a budget.

'90s Sleepover

Instruct the hens to pack their favourite pair of pyjamas and get settled in for a night of nostalgia as they indulge in the very best decade with a '90s-themed sleepover.

One of the most important elements of a sleepover is, of course, snacks. Go trad and bulk buy some sleepover snacking staples like pizza, crisps, dips, and ice cream. And of course, no '90s sleepover would be complete without watching a film, so either stream or buy the DVD of a classic from the era. Extra points if you go for something you might have watched during your sleepovers of yore, such as The Craft, Scream, 10 Things I Hate About You, or Clueless. Then conclude your evening by producing a '90s sleepover stalwart, Dream Phone, and find out the identity of your secret admirer.

K-Beauty Party

This beauty trend has taken the makeup and skincare world by storm over the last few years. Why not jump on the cult trend and indulge in a little pampering, by hosting a K-Beauty hen party?

Sheet masks are a cornerstone of K-Beauty, so buy enough for the whole gang and look like a nightmare instalment of the Halloween franchise. Eye patches are another K-Beauty essential, and one pot of these slippery, jelly-like things should sort you all out. Finally, apply a super-hydrating overnight mask before you crash out, so you can wake up feeling reborn.

Products used to be trickier to get your hands on, but now they're pretty easily sourced and can be purchased everywhere from ASOS to Superdrug.

A Mysticore Theme

Mysticore is the name given to a recent obsession for all things mystical ― crystals, horoscopes, tarot cards, and witches ― and may well make the perfect theme for your alternative hen party.

Set the scene by lighting some spell candles, dowse the space in essential oils, and mix up a batch of some of these ghoul-themed cocktails. A deck of tarot cards and a guide for how to read them is a prerequisite for a mysticore-themed hen party (just be careful to only say positive things about the betrothed's future marriage). You might also want to gift the bride-to-be with a piece of rose quartz the love crystal — for all-round good vibes.

A Vintage Cocktail Party

For an elegant approach to a hen party, why not have the group don a vintage frock, and knock back some classic cocktails to the dulcet tones of French-pop and jazz?

First, invest in a nice set of vintage cocktail glasses and get acquainted with some classic cocktails. A Dry Martini is always a sophisticated choice, as is an Old Fashioned, Mint Julep, or a Dark and Stormy. Good music is crucial for nailing the atmosphere, and a decent Bossa Nova or Jazz playlist should do the trick. Now, '50s party food is perhaps not the most appetising of prospects (prawns in aspic or broiled grapefruit, anyone?), but a theme is a theme, so find out how to make it authentically here.

A '70s Disco

If you're looking for a peppy and upbeat hen party theme, then nothing could be more joyful than a '70s disco do. So get your platforms at the ready.

Getting the visuals right is one of the most important parts of a '70s disco theme, and handily, you can get disco lights and a mirror ball pretty cheaply on Amazon. When it comes to curating the music, there are lots of playlists on YouTube and Spotify guaranteed to get everyone on their feet. Some fun '70s photo booth props, star-shaped party glasses, and '70s slogan badges will have everyone well and truly in the disco mood.

An Immersive Horror Experience

Immersive horror experiences are as scary as they sound, combining elements of theatre and film to provide an interactive and terrifying concoction. The companies running these strange events are getting wise to their popularity for hen and stag parties, and now offer tailored packages.

So if navigating a post-apocalyptic landscape in London, escaping from a Victorian prison cell in Bristol, or running from flesh-eating zombies in Worcestershire sounds like it might be a hit among your hens, then best of luck to you.

A Mermaid Experience

Yes, a mermaid experience is very much a thing, and if you can't experience being a mermaid on a hen party, I ask you, when can you?

There are all sorts of different mermaid experiences out there and most involve donning some sort of tail, splashing around while learning some tricks, and maybe even getting your photograph taken. Mermaid Michelle offers mermaid lessons across UK, in which you wear a "mono fin" and learn how to swim using it. Mermaids Swim offer experiences fit for any budding sea siren all over the UK. And the Mermaid Academy in Dorset offers bespoke packages, including underwater photographs.

So if any of these sound like the perfect send off for your bride-to-be, then get planning.