7 Unexpected Things That Happen To Your Body When You Don’t Interact With People For A Day

Andrew Zaeh for Bustle

If you ever decide to spend an entire day alone, you will likely experience a whole host of positive benefits. Because when it comes to reconnecting with yourself, and focusing on exactly what you'd like to do, nothing beats a solo mental health day. And yet, there are times when going a whole day without talking to anyone can have some negative consequences, as well.

So before you shut down your phone, cancel your plans, and settle in for some alone time, think about why you're doing it. "The key is to tune into [your] own personal sense of connectedness," Monisha Vasa, co-founder and clinical advisor for The Mental Health Collective, tells Bustle. If you need some time to yourself, go ahead and take it. But if you find that you're actually isolating yourself, it may require a closer look.

"What matters most is understanding our unique temperaments, patterns, and vulnerabilities, and seeking the appropriate support and treatment," Vasa says. If you think you want to be alone due to anxiety or depression, for example, seeking the help of a therapist may be a great way to feel better before the issue gets out of hand.

It's always OK to hang out by yourself, if that's what you'd like to do. But keep in mind the importance of socializing, too, and making time to connect. Here are a few things that can occur if you don't interact with others for a day, according to experts.