9 Last-Minute Holiday Gifts To Get A Partner Who Says They Don't Want Anything

Wine of the Month Club

There's nothing more aggravating than that partner who, when you ask them what they want for the holidays, tells you, "I don't want anything." As if shopping for people isn't difficult enough as it is, it gets exponentially even harder when someone says they don't want anything because they don't need anything. But while that may be true, the holidays are a time of giving and it's hard to just throw your arms up in the air and say, "Fine! I won't get you anything!"

For over 30 years my mother has been married to a man, my father, who every year says he doesn't want anything. So every year, without fail, she buys him socks. My father has more socks than any human alive, because she also gives him socks for his birthday, their anniversary, and even Easter.

But while socks are great and we can all use socks, just because your partner says they don't want anything doesn't mean you have to listen — especially if your love language is receiving gifts, because it means you like to give gifts, too. It's just how you show and interpret love.

So what do you get that partner who says they don't want anything? These nine last-minute gifts are a great place to start.


A Couples Sex Toy

So your partner doesn't want anything? Great! Get them something that you can use together so it doesn't really count as a gift for just them. No matter how you and your partner define yourselves sexually, there's a couples sex toy out there for you. Don't forget: there are a lot of sales to be had at a bunch of toy companies just in time for the holidays!


A Gift Card

Sure, it might not be the most romantic gift to give but, hey, your partner said they didn't want anything, so what else were you supposed to do? At least with a gift card to Barnes & Noble, or even a Visa gift card, will give them the chance to buy something when they decide they actually do need something.


Neck Pillow

I know, I know... a neck pillow. But this is something that can used in places that aren't just on a plane. Even sitting on the couch, a neck pillow can come in handy. It also shows your partner that you love them enough to want them to always have a cozy place to rest their tired head.


Wine Of The Month Membership

With a Wine of the Month Membership, when your partner says, "I told you I didn't want anything," you can politely explain this is a gift for both of you — because it is. You can also point out that a glass of red wine is the same as exercising for an hour, so you're thinking about their health and happiness. Wine memberships vary in price, but there's something for every budget.



We all need a little boost after a bad day, a bad week, a bad, well, year. That's where Affirmators come in to save the day. Fifty cards for your partner to pull from that will give them a little shot of encouragement.


Make Them Dinner

If there's one thing everyone can agree on as being the perfect gift that could also be an un-gift for those who don't want anything, it's food. While you could take your partner out to dinner, if you want to keep it nice and low key, make them dinner instead. You can stick to something simple or really make a to-do about it by pulling something from one of Julia Child's cookbooks.

Follow dinner up with sex, and you've given your partner the ideal gift... even if they didn't want a gift.


A Membership To A Sex Club

While there are sex clubs all over the country, if you live in the New York City area, NSFW is your best bet. A monthly membership for a couple is only $39 or you can get a yearly membership for $390, with 15 percent off. You don't have to partake if you don't want to, you can just watch and learn... and get inspired for what you might want to do when you get home.


A Portable Phone Charger

Again, not a romantic gift, but a gift everyone can use — even your partner who doesn't want anything. In a world where we are constantly glued to our phones, everyone, and I mean everyone, can use a portable phone charger.


A Donation In Their Name

While all these other gifts, that you partner said they didn't want, are tangible in their own way, perhaps the best gift you can probably give them is a donation to their favorite — or your favorite — charity in their name.

If you're animal people, then a donation to the ASPCA is a great choice. If you're concerned about women's reproductive rights (and, shouldn't we all should be?), then organizations like Planned Parenthood or National Organization of Women are fantastic, especially since both organizations will match every donation they receive now through December 31 to double your impact. Also, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) can use all you can offer too. For all charities, no matter which one you choose, every cent counts.

Even the most stubborn partner can still score in the gift department. From a neck pillow, to a home-cooked meal, to memberships, to donations that will make a difference, there really is no shortage of gift ideas for the one you love... the one who said they don't want anything for the holidays.