9 Things You May Never Really Know About Your Partner, According To Experts

Jari Hindstroem/Shutterstock

While it may sound negative, there are some things you'll never really know about your partner — and that's OK. People are, after all, so incredibly complex that you can't expect to learn every little detail of their lives. And when you add in the fact you and your partner don't have to share everything, it can increase the mystery even more.

"Most people protect themselves to some extent unconsciously so they do not readily reveal everything about themselves," Dr. Jeff Nalin, PsyD, a licensed clinical psychologist and founder and chief clinical officer of Paradigm Malibu Treatment Center, tells Bustle. "In addition, we are constantly learning about ourselves, so there are sides of ourselves that we have not yet discovered or even explored."

This is true even for couples who have been together for what feels like a lifetime, Nalin says. "While being open and honest with our significant other is healthy," he says, "it is perfectly normal to keep some things to ourselves."

That said, it'll be up to you and your partner to figure out what you would like to know about each other, and then make that a priority. "Relationships take time and the key to learning about each other is communication," Nalin says. "Spend quality time together. Open yourself up and take the time to ask open-ended questions and truly listen to each other. Don't rush the process."

With time, you'll learn the most important things about each other — like your values and what you both want for the future. But even then, experts say you may never really know some of the things listed below.