One ‘Broad City’ Star Gets Her Princess On In A New Netflix Animated Series


One of the joys of watching an animated show is figuring out which stars voice the characters. Broad City fans will rejoice when they realize that Abbi Jacobson voices Princess Bean in Disenchantment, Matt Groening's new Netflix series. The animated comedy from the creator of The Simpsons follows the rebellious and hard-drinking Princess Bean of Dreamland, who refuses to be married off and goes on a debauchery-filled journey of self-discovery with her elf Elfo and demon Luci. And when the first 10 episodes of the 20-episode Season 1 premiere on Aug. 17, you'll be able to hear and see Jacobson's feminist influence on this adult cartoon.

Deadline reported that, at the summer Television Critics Association press tour, Jacobson explained what drew her to the role of Princess Bean. "I would have auditioned for anything with Matt's name on it. I didn't know how great this would be," said Jacobson. "Bean is a different princess. She's flawed and gets f*cked up. I find it so relatable." But Groening and executive producer Josh Weinstein at San Diego Comic-Con credited Jacobson for making the character even better. "Abbi took what we considered very feminist lines and made us realize how mild we were. She kicked it into another level," Groening told Bustle at a roundtable.

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While the Upright Citizens Brigade (UCB)-trained Jacobson is best known for being one half of Abbi and Ilana on Broad City, her list of roles outside her and Ilana Glazer's web series-turned-Comedy Central show has grown. And you can expect to see Jacobson pop up in other projects much more since the forthcoming Season 5 will be the last for Broad City.

If you enjoy watching Jacobson take on a new role in Disenchantment, you might want to see what else this actor has done besides Broad City over the years. Because not only will it make you appreciate her voice work in Disenchantment more, but it might just help you deal with the inevitable end of the acclaimed comedy she created.

‘Inside Amy Schumer’

Comedy Central

Jacobson appears with Glazer in the Season 3 episode, "80s Ladies." She makes absurd statements in "The Universe" sketch with Bill Nye that mockingly says the universe is a "force sending cosmic guidance to white women in their 20s."

‘The Characters’


Trey of Broad City (fellow UCB alum Paul W. Downs) has his own episode on Netflix's The Characters. Jacobson joins her Soulstice boss for a sketch where she plays his girlfriend with a racially-insensitive sexual fantasy that may remind you of their dinner scene from Broad City in a bizarre way.

‘Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising’

Universal Pictures

Jacobson and fellow Comedy Central star Sam Richardson portray the couple who want to buy Mac and Kelly's house. Seth Rogen stars in this sequel, and he also portrayed Male Stacy, a sexual partner of Abbi's, in the Season 2 premiere of Broad City.

‘Person To Person’

Magnolia Pictures

Jacobson and Michael Cera portray crime reporters investigating a death in this 2017 indie flick. She told Bustle that part of the reason she took on the role of Claire was because the character was nothing like Abbi.


Augusta Quirk/IFC

Jacobson teamed up with Carrie Brownstein and Fred Armisen's Eco Terrorists for two episodes in Season 7 and her character helps them prepare for Burning Man.

‘BoJack Horseman’


Disenchantment isn't the first time that Jacobson has provided a voice for a Netflix adult animated series. She plays Emily on BoJack Horseman, who used to date Aaron Paul's Todd.

‘The Lego Ninjago Movie’

Warner Bros. Pictures

Another animated role Jacobson has had is Nya in The Lego Ninjago Movie. She is part of the ninja team who helps Dave Franco's Lloyd take on his evil father.

‘Pickle & Peanut’

Disney XD

This Disney XD animated series is over now, but Jacobson provided the voice of Sneaky Patty.

‘6 Balloons’

Bruce Finn/Netflix

Jacobson worked with Franco again, but this time in person in Netflix's 2018 movie 6 Balloons. It marks Jacobson's first time as the lead in a dramatic film; she plays a woman trying to help her brother get to rehab.

‘Drunk History’

Comedy Central

Jacobson appears in the most recent season of Drunk History as Gloria Steinem, which is only fitting for this feminist comedian and actor.

Besides these past projects, Jacobson has a lot coming up, including working behind-the-scenes on the A League Of Their Own TV series and a book tour for her upcoming book. So while Broad City may be the only TV show you need in your life, Disenchantment and these other roles confirm that there will be life after Abbi for Jacobson.