Ashley & Kevin Could Be Moving In Together After 'Bachelor Winter Games'


For Ashley Iaconetti, it seems like fourth time is the charm when it comes to The Bachelor. On The Bachelor Winter Games, Ashley has found a match in the winner of The Bachelorette Canada, Kevin Wendt. While there's one last episode and an aftershow on Feb. 22, Ashley and Kevin from The Bachelor Winter Games have already revealed to the media that they are a couple after the show. This appears to be Ashley's most serious relationship to date, so is there a chance that Ashley and Kevin could move in together? As they have only been dating a few months, they may not be ready for that big of a step yet. But there's a very good chance that these two could live in not only the same country but the same city sometime soon.

While the winner of The Bachelor or The Bachelorette is usually kept as quiet as possible, the couples from The Bachelor Winter Games aren't following the same level of secrecy. Dean and Lesley confirmed they are still dating post-Winter Games and Ashley and Kevin have also let their relationship cat out of the bag. Us Weekly reported that at the taping of The Bachelor Winter Games: World Tells All, Ashley and Kevin said they are in an international long-distance relationship with Ashley living in the U.S. and Kevin in Canada. While they admitted that they haven't said "I love you" yet, they said they FaceTime each other at least once a day.

As Entertainment Tonight reported, World Tells All was filmed during the week of Feb. 12. Winter Games was filmed in early December (Bachelor creator Mike Fleiss confirmed that timeframe with a tweet), so Ashley and Kevin have been together for less than three months — and most of that time has been long-distance. Yet, Kevin told Us Weekly that they've made some trips that wouldn't be Bachelor-approved. "The key is breaking the rules. You're not supposed to see each other," Kevin said. "We just break the rules and fly to each other. That's the secret." Entertainment Tonight Canada also reported that Ashley and Kevin were spotted celebrating Valentine's Day together in Los Angeles with that trip to California coinciding with the filming of World Tells All.

Even though they are still dating and even though this is The Bachelor, talking about Ashley and Kevin moving in together feels a bit premature since their relationship is so new and they haven't had a lot of actual (mind the pun) face time. However, they told Us Weekly they are trying to move closer to one another. Kevin lives in Toronto, Ontario, and is a firefighter in the Canadian province. Since her time on Chris Soules' season of The Bachelor, Ashley has moved to Los Angeles and is busy with her on-air personality career, like as a reporter for Access Hollywood. So it's Kevin who he has been looking to relocate his work to Los Angeles. "He's eyeballing those [fire] stations down by the beach," Ashley told Us Weekly. "He saw the Malibu one. He's like, 'Wait, that's a nice place!'"

One couple from The Bachelor Winter Games is supposed to be getting engaged during the finale on Feb. 22. If that turns out to be Kevin and Ashley, then the possibility of them moving in together will obviously increase greatly. Considering they haven't said the L word yet, that doesn't seem super likely. But for Ashley I. fans, it shouldn't even matter if Kevin and Ashley are ready to get married or to become domestic partners yet. They should just be happy that Ashley has finally found happiness on a Bachelor show — and that her boyfriend could be living in the same city as her in the near future ... provided there are no visa issues or anything.