Ariana Grande Recreated ‘Mean Girls’ With Her Friends Way Back In 2007 & It Was So Fetch

So, by now you're probably well-aware of the fact that an iconic cinematic music moment — Ariana Grande's "Thank U, Next," video, duh — is soon to be upon us. How soon, exactly? That remains unclear. Until it drops, though, you can bide your time rewatching this special gem: Grande's Mean Girls recreation from 2007, aka proof that the concept for her new video has been more than a decade in the making.

UPDATE 11/30/18: Grande acknowledged the 2007 Mean Girls recreation in a tweet after the music video for "Thank U, Next" dropped. She quoted a fan's tweet that contained screengrabs from both the 2007 video and 2018's music video and wrote, "oh........ my god."

Earlier: The three-minute snippet was originally unearthed by BuzzFeed back in July 2017, and it's now wildly relevant again in the wake of Grande's many "Thank U, Next" Instagram hints and recently released trailer. The clip shows a 13-year-old Grande and a few of her friends acting out several scenes from Mean Girls, and honestly? — it's so fetch.

The video opens up with a written disclaimer that reads, "this is the oldest movie ever and we were all like 2 in this." First of all, the fact that they called Mean Girls — which came out in 2004, three years prior to Grande and friends' production being posted to YouTube — "the oldest movie ever" is hilarious. Second of all, they totally weren't 2 years old, but they were all super bright-eyed and baby-faced, nonetheless.

The scenes that Grande and company recreated were from the very beginning of the movie, as Cady Heron (played by Lindsay Lohan in the actual film) prepares for and begins her first day at a new school. Grande assumed a few roles throughout the reenactment, including Cady's mom, a "weirdly religious" home-schooled kid, and Ms. Norbury. And yes, she did, in fact, take a beverage to the chest, all in the name of accuracy.

Based on this theatrical evidence, it seems as if Grande's love for Mean Girls goes way, way back. So, now, it' not really all that surprising that she's decided to pay tribute to the flick in her new video for "Thank U, Next." This time around, though, she won't be playing supporting roles. She's going to be starring as the one and only queen of mean, Regina George (aka Rachel McAdams).

Over the last few days, Grande has posted several photos of herself in costume as the head of The Plastics. There were a few of her with the infamous "Burn Book" — which was aptly relabeled "Thank U, Next" — a solo shot of her giving the camera her best Regina sneer, and one of her and her on-screen squad, Aaron Samuels included. Yes, *the* Aaron Samuels. As in, the actual guy that actually played Aaron Samuels in Mean Girls, Jonathan Bennett. Grool, right?

Oh, by the way — fetch is like, definitely happening. Bennett confirmed it himself via a comment on one of Grande's Mean Girls-inspired photos. The black-and-white shot was of her, the Plastics, and Aaron Samuels, and Bennett simply stated, "You made fetch happen." Wow, iconic.

Mean Girls isn't the only movie she'll be shouting out. The singer revealed that she'll be referencing four nostalgic rom-coms in total, including Bring It On, Legally Blonde, and 13 Going On 30. No word on exactly when the video will drop yet, but the world is most definitely ready.