Abbi & Ilana Understand Your Inauguration Feels

by S. Atkinson

On Friday, Jan. 20, what's shaping up to be a dark day for many people has a moment of light relief. The totally unexpected, but so very needed Broad City's Inauguration Day video "Inauguration Uncensored" shows how Ilana and Abbi are making it through the day. One half of the pair may or may not be stuck in an elevator with post-laser hair removal lip, which already adds a generous serving of terror to an already pretty intense day on the political calendar.

But the horror isn't just about elevator claustrophobia or even Donald's Trump's inauguration. Nope. Actually, the real Jaws theme song feels accompanying the short are reserved for the one thing you need to survive Trump's presidency. Because while, sure, it's a light-hearted video, it also gives you one key survival tip: You're going to need your amazing female best friend beside you these next four years. And it's scary because in this intense moment, Ilana and Abbi are separated thanks to one unwieldy elevator and they can't be with their best female friend IRL in the darkest moment of their day. No misandry intended: Males of the world, you're great, but I'm talking about an administration headed by someone who has been accused of sexual assault multiple times. (Trump has denied the allegations and called them "outright lies.")

Heck, I'm talking about someone who has freely admitted he lacks sexual boundaries in a leaked 2005 Access Hollywood tape and who poses a number of threats to reproductive rights, so if you're a woman residing in America (or any of the many places in the world with rising right-wing politics), you're probably going to want a woman around who'll get what you're going through — aka your BFF.

While the tone of the Broad City video is light, the satire used in the spot gets bleak in places. When they realize they're just a minute away from the inauguration, Ilana suggests a plan. Abbi's elevator is bound to start moving, so she'll grab some mace and they'll meet halfway "where that dude tried to grab your p*ssy." This line nods to that aforementioned infamous Trump tape, of course, but it also makes reference to a reality where one in every six American women has been the victim of an attempted or completed sexual assault. In a time like this, the video suggests, it's even more imperative that women band together.

Theo Wargo/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

When Trump's inauguration takes place, there's a moment of anti-climax in the clip. It's not the apocalypse Abbi and Ilana were anticipating. The elevator starts working again and a TV show starts shooting outside Ilana's apartment. But then a notification on their phones announce Trump's inauguration and the pair explode into swearing (one particularly great moment in the comedy: only Trump's name is bleeped out, while swear words are fine).

Their response isn't over the top. What Trump's administration will mean for women remains to be seen. But so far, what journalists are speculating could mean an administration that overturns women's access to abortions and politicians who develop policies tailored to woman being accused of "playing the woman card," so the future for women looks dark. In this time, we're going to need to create safe spaces for ourselves, and if that's a safe space that includes your best friend who you trust, can joke with, and feel 100 percent comfortable around, that's even better.