Caelynn & Dean's 'BiP' Reunion Had Fans Worried About Connor

ABC; @Grace_PF/Twitter

Dean and his upper lip are ready to give love another try on Bachelor in Paradise. The van-dwelling contestant returned to the beach to ask Caelynn to leave with him. While viewers don't know for sure what she will say, Dean and Caelynn's reunion on Bachelor in Paradise had people feeling real bad for Connor. Actually, the more accurate emotion that Bachelor Nation is feeling is downright awkward since Caelynn's strong connection to Dean isn't really being kept a secret from her new man. Dating rumors have been swirling around Caelynn and Dean before this BiP season started, so it feels safe to assume that Caelynn will leave with Dean. But that doesn't mean that Twitter isn't loving watching it all go down on television — even if it means waiting another week to see Caelynn's decision.

After leaving Paradise because he didn't think he wanted to be in a committed relationship, Dean returned on the show's Sept. 3 episode to ask Caelynn to leave with him. Caelynn hit it off instantly with Connor, but as people like Tayshia, Demi, and Sydney pointed out — in front of Connor no less — her relationship with Dean was particularly meaningful. So now Caelynn must decide whether to play it safe and easy with Connor or join Dean outside of Paradise. And while viewers won't know for certain until Week 6, the pity party for Connor has already begun on Twitter.

Connor Had To Hear Everything

The whole BiP gang gathered on the day bed to discuss Dean and Caelynn's conversation. And poor Connor had to listen to the women discuss how passionate Caelynn and Dean's relationship was.

The Awkwardness Was Too Much

Memes from The Office were the only thing that could accurately show off how awkward this moment was.

Seriously, Connor Was *Right* There

Did Tayshia and crew not realize Connor was sitting right behind them while they were loudly discussing how strong Caelynn's feelings were for Dean? Or was the situation just so dramatic that they couldn't not talk about it?

Connor Wanted To Hear The Scoop

Another way to interpret the daybed situation is that Connor was actually listening in on the women to prepare himself for his seemingly inevitable breakup with Caelynn. It wouldn't be the first time one member of a BiP couple tried to get some dirt on their partner.

Dean Couldn't Drive His Van Back To 'Paradise' Fast Enough

Sure, Dean didn't drive to Mexico, but he certainly made his way back there quick after Caelynn found happiness again. Connor just can't catch a break!

When Shaving Is A Romantic Gesture

Dean got rid of his mustache to show how serious he was about Caelynn.

Caelynn's Considering Van Life

Demi took to Twitter to spill that Caelynn is squeamish about the ocean, but her feelings for Dean have her overlooking his van's potential hygiene issues. Maybe it is true love after all.

The *Real* Reason Dean Left

According to this Twitter user, Dean didn't leave Paradise because he has a fear of commitment — he left because of street parking rules.

Caelynn's Really Not That Torn

The woman trying kombucha on TikTok accurately displays Caelynn's decision-making process when it comes to Dean.

Van Life Never Looked So Sweet

Based on their Instagram posts, Dean and Caelynn are probably living that van life together right now.

Dean's Willing To Give Caelynn A Key To His Place

Who knew a spare car key could be so romantic?

But Why Did Dean Rent A Car?

Most people are wondering whether Caelynn will accept Dean's offer, but not-Gerard Butler Chris Bukowski is asking the hard-hitting questions. Cause, seriously, why did Dean have to rent a car to drive to the Grand Canyon to contemplate his life with Caelynn when he lives in a van?

Viewers will have to wait and see if Caelynn and Dean will drive off into the sunset together. But thanks to Tayshia, Demi, and Sydney, Connor should be prepared for that possibility.