Chrissy Teigen Reread A Book From Her Childhood To Luna & Its Message Is Hilariously Dark

Rich Polk/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

You know her, you love her, and there's a good chance you own at least one of her cookbooks. Or maybe you just like her because of Lip-Sync Battle, or perhaps you're a fan of her hilarious tweets. Regardless, she's great and undoubtedly multi-talented. Here's the funny thing, though: Chrissy Teigen read Luna a book from her childhood in a recent video on Instagram, and the moral of that years-old story pretty much promotes mediocrity. Good thing Teigen didn't end up taking that lesson to heart, right?

The Rainbow Fish, The Giving Tree, The Little Engine That Could: All of these well-known children's books are filled with valuable wisdom. They teach kids things about sharing and caring and believing in yourself. The book that Teigen's mom read to her when she was young — which Teigen recently unearthed and read to Luna — well ... that book teaches something else entirely.

On Jan. 29, the mom-of-two posted a short clip of story time with Luna. In the video, she flips through the pages and reads each one out loud. The first page says, "And his tiny wings were too weak to fly high." The second page says, "When he flew halfway up the mountain, he fell down to the ground and died." The back of the book clarified the lesson to be learned, which was, "Doing things beyond your ability never brings good." Umm, what?

"Learning a lot about myself from the stories my mom used to read me," Teigen captioned the hilariously dark post. After her friend and fellow celebrity mom, Brooklyn Decker, replied to the post asking, "I'm confused where is the rest of the book," Teigen replied, "Like that's it. That's the ending."

So, does that mean Teigen essentially grew up being told to do the least? Just be basic? Don't try too hard? Clearly, her parents instilled way more positivity and motivation into her than that, otherwise she probably wouldn't be as successful as she is today.

Just this past year alone has shown how talented and creative Teigen truly is. In May 2018, Teigen announced her collaboration with Blue Apron, which delivered the ingredients of some of her favorite recipes straight to fans' doors. On Sept. 18 that same year, the star released her second cookbook, Cravings: Hungry For More. A few weeks after that, her "Cravings By Chrissy Teigen" tableware and cookware line hit Target shelves nationwide. Impressed yet? There's more.

On Oct. 20, Teigen launched her BECCA x Chrissy Cravings Holiday make-up kits, and three days later on Oct. 23, she launched yet another endeavor: her second clothing collection in partnership with Revolve. Then — no, we're not done yet — on Oct. 30, Teigen was named one of Glamour's Women of the Year.

"Honored to be one of Glamour's Women of the Year amongst other women I admire and adore so much," she captioned an Instagram post, in-part, about being chosen. "I am not worthy but I will continue to try to make you laugh, give love through food, and wad the panties of a**holes trying to keep you down." Cheers to that!

All of those accomplishments — which, by the way, is just a small sampling of her recent successes — occurred within the span of six months. Just six months! Not only has she strived for goals beyond her abilities, but she's straight-up crushed them all across the board. And if Luna ends up being anything like her super-ambitious mom, she'll undoubtedly grow up to do the same — and then some.