This Site Lets You Donate To Resistance Groups Every Time Trump Tweets

by Sarah Fielding
Pool/Getty Images News/Getty Images

I recently saw a mug that said, "I hate when I wake up and Donald Trump is president." While it was done as satire, the message was loud and clear. While I don't follow Trump on Twitter, I see enough of his tweets through reposts in the news. The immaturity shown by someone in power through a mere 140 characters completely infuriates me, as I'm sure it does to many others. So what if you could fight back every time Trump did or said something awful? Thanks to a new website called Donald Donates, you can.

"We were looking for a way to stand up to Donald Trump's divisive rhetoric and destructive policies," Adam Gibbs, co-founder of Donald Donates tells Bustle. "...Donald Trump and his advisors continue to push 'alternate facts' and advocate for policies that would be a disaster for millions of Americans. Given all of this, we knew we had to take action in a meaningful way."

The site, which launched in April, allows users to create an account and designate a specific amount of money to be donated each time @realDonaldTrump tweets. While the main fund is designated for the 2020 Democratic Presidential nominee, you can also choose between many other organizations to donate to. They are broken down into categories: Civil Rights, Climate Change and Environmental Protection, Empowering Women, Ending Sexual and Domestic Violence, Gun Violence Protection, Immigration and Refugee Assistance, LGBTQ Issues, Legal Aid, Reproductive Choice, and The Resistance. Within each category is a list of organizations that represent that cause and what they specifically do. Basically no matter what fight you're focused on, there's a cause for you. Plus there's no need to choose just one — your contribution can be split between many causes.

While the list of partner organizations is already long, Donald Donates plans to expand it even more. Have a suggestion for one that should be listed? Notify the site as they are constantly looking for more additions. On top of that, Donald Donates plans to add more candidates and committees to their listing.

If you're considering signing up, Gibbs stresses it's importance. "This idea only works because of our members, who are pushing back against Donald Trump's disastrous agenda and destructive rhetoric a few cents at a time. Our strength lies in our numbers and our conviction — we can be an unstoppable force when we come together and take small actions to stand against hate and support candidates and causes fighting for our values."

"We refuse to give him a free pass to spread lies and call people names."

Want to get involved without breaking the bank? Donations can be as small as one cent per tweet and you are able to put a cap on the amount of money you donate each month, so need for a Trump twitter rant to empty your bank account. Anything that you can give is a wonderful act towards a better world. If 10,000 people gave 10 cents per tweet, over six million dollars would be raised by 2020. Donations will be made in your name but Donald Donates encourages tweeting out your contribution to inspire others. If you can't donate, share the information with someone who can. Remember, money isn't the only means to create progress. With each action we take and word we say, we help determine the goodness of society.

Gibbs hopes that Donald Donates accomplishes two things: "First, we want to show Donald Trump that this hateful and divisive rhetoric comes at a cost. We refuse to give him a free pass to spread lies and call people names. Secondly, we want to raise as much money as possible for organizations actively resisting his agenda and promoting democracy and progressive values. This includes ensuring that his 2020 Democratic opponent, regardless of who it may be, is set up for success. We believe the site has the potential to raise millions for the 2020 Democratic nominee over the next three years, which would be a huge asset to the candidate going into the campaign against Donald Trump."

Showing up for the causes you believe in is the most important action you can take in the age of Trump. Whether it's through Donald Donates to ensure continued support, or any other method, each time you stand up it matters. Keep fighting for a better world — it's the best thing you can do.