You Probably Missed These 2 Amazing 2018 Movies, But They're Now Streaming On Amazon Prime


2019 is finally upon us, but that doesn't mean you can't revisit some of the best movies of 2018. Especially, if you missed them the first time around. Luckily, two such films are streaming on Amazon Prime in January: Eighth Grade and Leave No Trace, a great double feature for those who want to see the debuts of two young actors who you'll hopefully be watching for years to come.

Eighth Grade, the middle school coming-of-age drama starring Elsie Fisher, starts streaming on January 13. While Leave No Trace, which looks at a survivalist father (Ben Foster) and his teenager daughter (Thomasin McKenzie) living in an Oregon forest, will hit Amazon Prime on January 3.

Both feature critically acclaimed performances from their young leading ladies, who are delving into the complexities of what it's like being a teenager today. Specifically, one who's growing up with just a dad. In McKenzie's character's case it's a dad who's a veteran suffering from PTSD in the latest film from director Debra Granik, who has a knack for spotting young talent. Her previous film was 2010's Winter's Bone, which helped introduce the world to Jennifer Lawrence. Perhaps, you've heard of her?

In Bo Burnham's directorial debut, Fisher plays Kayla, who is at an age where your dad — here, played by Josh Hamilton — is probably the last person you want to talk to about what's going on in your life. The 15-year-old Fisher is so good at nailing the awkwardness and confusion of puberty that she landed herself a Golden Globe nomination for her first leading role.

Of course, she's excited about the nomination, but as she told the Los Angeles Times, she's even more excited to see Emily Blunt, who she's up against for Best Actress In A Musical or Comedy. "I love her. I think she’s incredible," Fisher said. "I haven’t seen Mary Poppins, but this year I did see A Quiet Place and she was really, really great in that."

It's not just the awards buzz, though, that should get you excited to see these movies, it's that they're both films which show why the world needs to take teenage girls more seriously. It's a trend that Fisher is happy to be a part of. "There are awful issues going on, but it makes me proud that teens are being given a voice," Fisher told Bustle in June. "A lot of teens, for forever, have had opinions and ideas that could help. But now we’re finally being heard."

For those who want to keep with the theme of female-led dramas, Amazon Prime is also streaming Jane Eyre, starring Mia Wasikowska in the titular role, this month.

But, if you're looking for more movies from this past year that you probably missed, you can watch Timothée Chalamet in Beautiful Boy on Jan. 4, or Michael Moore's documentary Fahrenheit 11/9, which looks at Donald Trump's election, on Jan. 19. Thanks to Amazon Prime, you can spend the first month of 2019 catching up on some of the 2018 films you might have missed.