'Sanditon' Star Theo James & Wife Ruth Kearney Are Jane Austen-Level Romance Goals

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Showbiz couples are total goals for multiple reasons. They have success, they're often super talented, and provide us with an absolute shedload of high quality entertainment whether together or in their respective careers. Theo James and Ruth Kearney are 100 percent on that track. So the question is how did they get to that point? How did Theo James & Ruth Kearney meet?

So I'll be real with you and say that this pair are actually very private about their personal life so I can't say precisely how Cupid had the opportunity to draw back his bow. However one thing I do know for sure is that the pair are both alumni of Bristol Old Vic Theatre School. A school which churned out the likes of Jeremy Irons, Olivia Coleman, Gene Wilder, and Pearl Mackie, so they could well have met there.

Glamour reports that the pair have dated since 2009 and since then the only way has been up for not only their relationship but also their careers. Which in fairness to them, have been on a pretty dang successful and huge trajectory since day dot.

Kearney, who hails from my home town Dublin, is one of Ireland's finest exports in recent years. The successful actor has starred in sci-fi hit Primeval, The Following, and huge Netflix hit Flaked.

Despite all of this success, when speaking to the Irish Mirror, she explained that fame is absolutely not her motive for being in the industry. "That kind of side of it doesn’t bother me. I'm not in this industry to become famous, I don’t go for jobs because they will make me well known, it’s so hopefully they will lead me on to more interesting roles," she said.

James has also had great success from the get-go. Famously starring in Downton Abbey as an unfortunate Turkish visitor who dies after a close encounter with Lady Mary. I mean not ideal, but not the worst way to go either really.

Since then he starred alongside Will Young in the incredible Bedlam and is probably known best now for his leading role in the Divergent film series.

James has previously put his clout behind important political issues, in 2017 he highlighted the plight of refugees in Greece in a piece for GQ. He shared his family story as a part of the story, writing: "What struck me, looking at that photo of my grandfather was how recent his journey had been and how quickly, a few generations on, the collective European memory has faded. It wasn't that long ago that our grandparents and extended families were being forced to leave their homes and find safety in other countries."

James is set to star in ITV's new period drama, Sanditon. Which is based on the final novel written by Jane Austen. So prepare for lots of gorgeous costumes and impossible romances. Nope, I can't wait either.

You can catch the first episode of Sanditon at 9p.m., August 25 on ITV.