Can This Boost Your Sex Life?

Ashley Batz/Bustle

Thanks to the invention of the cell phone camera, sending nude photos, and sexting, has become a big part of our culture. Although we seem to think that sexting is pretty much regulated to younger demographics, the fact is that lots of people sext. In fact, probably more than you could possibly imagine., a site specializing in sexual health needs of both women and men, conducted a survey about sexting. What they wanted to find is who's sexting, what they're sexting, and where these sexters reside. Interviewing 1,000 Americans and 1,000 Europeans, they found that although Americans sext more than European and men sext a bit more than women, the fact remains that sexting is far from uncommon; it's actually a culture norm for people from 18-45 and older. Yes, your parents just might be sexting each other at this very moment. (Sorry!)

But although there's no doubt that sexting is happening and happening in many places around the globe, the real question is whether or not sexting is any good for your relationship or sex life. Can sexting make a difference? Simple answer: yes. So here's how sexting affects your sex life.


Daily Sexts Make People 'Very Satisfied'

Of the 2,000 people surveyed, 61 percent who received daily sexts reported feeling "very satisfied in their sex life," which, makes sense in many ways. Not only has sexting been proven to make your relationship better, but it keeps things spicy and makes for great foreplay. Only a minimal amount reported that they were "very dissatisfied" in their sex life because of sexting.


Weekly Sexting Just Isn't Cutting It For Most

When it came to those who engaged in weekly sexting, only 42 percent reported feeling "very satisfied" in their sex life. Roughly the same amount reported feeling "somewhat satisfied."


Only 1/3 Are Satisfied With Sexts A Few Times A Month

Although there's no denying that, if you've gone for quite a while without a sext, it can make for a great surprise, the lack of sexts on the reg isn't doing much for people's sex lives. In fact, 33 percent of those who receive sexts only a few times a month reported feeling "very satisfied" in their sex life.


Once A Month Sexts Aren't Helping Either

Not far behind the 33 percent who feel "very satisfied" in their sex life thanks to sexts a few times a month, is the 29 percent who feel "very satisfied" with their once-monthly sexts. Honestly, only once a month? I sext more with my friends with benefits in Barcelona who I haven't seen since December and may never see again. (Oh, I'm totally seeing him again.)


People Clearly Need More Sexts Than Just "A Few Times A Year"

As the study found, a mere 28 percent could report that they're "very satisfied" with their sex life while only receiving sexts a few times a year. Just think about what a little sexting could do for these people!


Once A Year And Once A Month Sexts Have The Same Effect

Interestingly, those receiving sexts once a month and once a year, feel very similar about their sex lives. In both cases, only 28 percent reported feeling "very satisfied" in their sex life. Although for those who receive sexts once a month, more of them reported feeling "somewhat satisfied" than those who receive them only once a year. I think we're seeing a definite pattern here, no?

While sexting can be incredible foreplay in relationships, the idea of sexting your partner can be daunting for many. If you're not comfortable sending nudes or sexy text messages, don't ever feel like you have to. Like anything else, it'll only boost your sex life if it's something you're enjoying. And the great news is, there are plenty of sexy options out there.