How Sexting Affects Your Sex Life, Because It Can Be Amazing Foreplay

Ashley Batz/Bustle

Thanks to the invention of the cell phone camera, sending nude photos, and sexting, has become a big part of our culture. Although we seem to think that sexting is pretty much regulated to younger demographics, the fact is that lots of people sext. In fact, probably more than you could possibly imagine., a site specializing in sexual health needs of both women and men, conducted a survey about sexting. What they wanted to find is who's sexting, what they're sexting, and where these sexters reside. Interviewing 1,000 Americans and 1,000 Europeans, they found that although Americans sext more than European and men sext a bit more than women, the fact remains that sexting is far from uncommon; it's actually a culture norm for people from 18-45 and older. Yes, your parents just might be sexting each other at this very moment. (Sorry!)

But although there's no doubt that sexting is happening and happening in many places around the globe, the real question is whether or not sexting is any good for your relationship or sex life. Can sexting make a difference? Simple answer: yes. So here's how sexting affects your sex life.