The Royal Wedding Photographer Said The Cutest Thing To Get The Bridal Party Kids To Smile

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Almost a week after the royal wedding took over the world, and fans of Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, and Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, are still in awe. Everyone who watched can attest to the fact that the Saturday, May 19 nuptials was breathtaking, and all of the photos making their rounds in social media land are too. Speaking of the official photos, the royal wedding photographer got the bridal party kids to smile with the cutest trick, according to People, and the details from his magical experience will totally make you melt.

Photographer Alexi Lubomirski talked to People about how he tasked with doing six group setups in 25 minutes, taking photos of the British royals and Meghan Markle's family on May 19. And by the looks of the adorable pictures, one would assume that it might have been a hassle to get everyone on one accord — especially the ten children included in the wedding party. While speaking to People about his experience, Lubomirksi revealed his trick that gathered each of the children's attentions seamlessly, resulting in the adorable smiling photos royal enthusiasts can't help but obsess over today.

Lubomirski told the publication, "...as we were setting up the big family shots, and I was placing the Duke of Edinburgh and Her Majesty onto their chairs, I could hear the kids started crying in the background and there was some chaos."

To assume that Lubomirksi hadn't found himself in similar predicaments prior to this royal wedding encounter would be silly — after all, he is a professional photographer, and the royal couple clearly chose him to capture their engagement photos, as well as their wedding day photos, for a reason. But when thinking about all of the excitement of the big day, Lubomirski had to feel some added pressure while taking these oh, so important pictures. In true professional form, however, Lubomirski was able to think on his toes, and with the help of someone mentioning an all too popular candy amongst the children, he was able to get the job done.

The royal wedding photographer continued, telling People,

"And then I heard this magic word behind me that was Smarties, which is obviously an English Candy, much like M&Ms, and they were being bribed with one Smartie here and one Smartie there. So as soon as the kids came onto the set, I immediately just shouted out, ‘Who likes Smarties?’, and then everybody hands up, smiles, even some of the adults I think put their hands up."

It's an age-old trick, and after Lubomirksi's tested and tried account, using candy to get children to smile will forever remain a holy grail move.

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If you find yourself still obsessing about how perfect Prince Harry and Meghan's wedding day was, you're totally not alone. Rightfully so, enthusiasts of the royal family, as well as pop culture, are reveling in the fact that a mixed race American actor was, seemingly, welcomed into the royal family with opened arms. And so, rejoicing in the recent courtship, even nearly a week later, has got to be considered normal.

As if the amazing love story of Prince Harry and Meghan were not enough, the star studded event gathered some of the best dressed celebrities, attracting the attention of major news networks all over the world. Everything about the day was beautiful, to say the least, and thanks to Lubomirski's amazing skills, as well as social media for circulating the magical photos, fans will be able to catch glimpses of the big event for decades to come.

Living in the digital age does come with its fair share of frustrations (i.e. social media trolls), but if staying engaged in social media antics means that fans can be some of the firsts to see new photos of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex living in marital bliss, it's all worth it.