If Your Relationship Is Strong, Experts Say These 7 Moments Likely Won't Happen


If you've ever experienced an uncomfortable moment in your relationship, it probably left you wondering if it's as strong as you think. But there's definitely a difference between everyday awkward moments that make you feel weird for a minute, and signs you aren't connecting as a couple. And it's really only the latter ones you may want to think twice about.

"Discomfort in a relationship can be a sign that your relationship isn't strong, or that something in your relationship is missing between you and your partner," Rori Sassoon, relationship expert and author of The Art of the Date, tells Bustle. And this is especially true if it keeps happening, or occurs in a variety of situations.

"Take a look at where the discomfort is coming from," Sassoon says. "When there is discomfort, this is a sign that you need to make a change and communicate [...] Let your partner know that you appreciate honesty and want to talk it out to improve the relationship."

From there, you may be able to fill in the gaps that are leading to discomfort, such as a lack of honesty, lack of communication, mismatched expectations, and so on. "Create an atmosphere where you and your partner feel safe to communicate about whatever is happening between the two of you or with themselves," Sassoon says. "You can create trust by reassuring each other [...] Let them know you are there for them and the relationship."

Hopefully, you'll be able to rebuild a foundation for your relationship, and create a greater sense of understanding and comfort. And that might be just what you need to do, experts say, especially if anything listed below sounds familiar.