Kylie Cosmetics' End Of Year Sale Features $12 Lipsticks & Palettes Under $25

While you may be reveling in your gift cards and holiday cash like Scrooge McDuck, others may want to spend theirs. There's good news for those people. Kylie Cosmetics' End of Year sale is officially going on, and it's giving fans up to 40 percent off on some seriously good stuff including lipsticks, lip kits, palettes, and her makeup brushes. It looks like eponymous owner Kylie Jenner may just want to stay in the holiday spirit for just a bit longer.

While you won't find a replica of her crystal covered Christmas Eve dress or a sale on a hot ticket item like the Wet Set quad highlighters or original lip kits like Dolce K, you will still be able to snag some great products from her most recent collections.

It's no secret that Kylie Jenner loves a good holiday. From Halloween to Christmas to making her own birthday a huge deal, the Kylie Cosmetics mogul can turn out a collection full of themed makeup goods like no one else, and now, some of those items are included in her end of the year sale. Don't be fooled. Simply because something is listed as Christmas or another holiday doesn't mean it's not wearable. Jenner's sale items are good year around.

What's in the sale? Well, there are restrictions. This deal isn't a free-for-all unfortunately, but Jenner is hot off the heels of her massive Black Friday sale, so fans can't be too picky. According to the brand's Instagram account, the Kylie Cosmetics End of the Year sale will feature items from Jenner's Birthday Collection, Halloween collection, and her most recent holiday launches. In fact, the mogul has set up an entire sale section on her website.

Some of the best deals include Jenner's bullet lipsticks in Cold As Ice and Haunt It for just $12.75, eyeshadow palettes from her Weather Collection for only $24, and her makeup brushes marked down by a major 40 percent!

If you were hoping to head over to your local Ulta Beauty to snag the deals from Kylie Cometics' End of Year sale, don't be so quick to hop in your car or mode of public transport. While Kylie Cosmetics is sold in Ulta stores nationwide now, the brand hasn't fully rolled out all of their products. Currently, it's just Jenner's most popular lip kits that you can find in stores. That means the brand's End of Year sale doesn't extend to your local Ulta. If you got a gift card for Christmas, you may want to rethink your shopping list.

If you're planning to go on a shopping spree on the Kylie Cosmetics' website, there's also another perk outside of the discount. The brand is giving out a free makeup bag for those who spend over $100. Pretty great, right?

Head over to the brand's website right now to shop the End of Year sale. There's no mention of when the sale ends on the Kylie Cosmetics Instagram, so act fast! You don't want to miss these deals.