This MASSIVE Scene Didn't Make 'Love Island's Most Tweeted About Moments & WTF

ITV/Love Island

Love Island 2018 has been pretty explosive at times. Who hasn't sat at home on the sofa shouting internally (or externally) at the TV screen as the contestants fell in and out of love? If you say no, I'm going to assume that you're lying. Unsurprisingly, it turns out there were certain moments that were universal in their ability to provoke outrage. ITV just released the top 10 most tweeted about moments in Love Island 2018, and reliving this list might make your blood boil all over again.

Let's start at the back end, with the moments that had Twitter up in arms, but not in a full blown rage. It at number 10 was Frankie being dumped from the villa, leaving a sobbing Samira behind him. There's no getting around this, it was a pretty awful moment for a Love Island favourite, and fans weren't to know it at the time, but the moment actually set in motion the process of Samira leaving the villa too. Sad times.

Now number 9 is a little surprising if you ask me. I can't be the only one who expected Rosie's epic dressing down of Adam Collard — complete with his undeniably rude response — to be a little closer to the top spot on the list? Alas, not. It's a strange one as anecdotally this certainly felt like one of the biggest talking points of the series, especially after after Katie Ghose, the chief executive of Women's Aid, accused the personal trainer from Newcastle of "gaslighting."

The next few items on the list are kind of predictable. At eight there's Eyal and Zara being dumped. At seven, Georgia and Sam having to decide between splitting up and staying in the villa or packing their bags as a couple. Adam stealing Kendall from Niall at the first recoupling comes in at six, while Alex and Alexandra's breakup comes in at five. Eyal kissing Megan in front of Alex comes in fourth — the idea of Megan and Alex ever coupling up now seems like the strangest idea in the world, does it not? — while the first recoupling, when Kendall was dumped from the island, comes in at three.

Now to the business end. It's unsurprising to see this moment so close to the top spot, but Megan asking Wes for a kiss comes in at number 2. Yes, it was the moment that enraged a nation on poor Laura's behalf, but at least they've stayed together, and now we can say it was all for something? Right?!

That leaves the top spot, which went to the deeply uncomfortable moment when Josh walked back into the villa from Casa Amor with Georgia on his arm. No hard feelings here — I think everyone can agree Kaz and Josh make a great couple — but poor Georgia in that moment. She earned the praise of a nation for holding it together so well under pressure. Let's relive it below.

Yikes. No wonder that one set Twitter on fire. Now there are some fairly big conversations missing off this list which have definitely been big Love Island talking points. What about Mr Danny Dyer, for example? His Skype call into the villa last night came after months of tweets, memes, and all round appreciation. Then there's New Jack, who seemed to be generating chatter online whenever I hopped onto Twitter. Laura and Wes' break-up sticks in my mind as being one of the tougher points of the series, too.

Then there was operation Doctor Do More, and the moment when Dani Dyer was shown that video of Jack's ex arriving into the villa. The latter provoked over 2,600 complaints to Ofcom, as reported by the Guardian, which clearly meant viewers were neglecting to tweet about it too. But the moment I think we're all wondering why it's not on the list is Georgia and Jack's kiss. Who instigated it? Who leaned in first? Who cares anymore, but that was basically a national talking point for days. It even spawned a whole other conversation after canny detectives noticed that the scene appeared to be filmed more than once. Perhaps it dragged over so many days it couldn't be counted as one moment? Either way, what a series it has been. Roll on the final.