Luann’s Birthday Song To Bethenny Is The Highlight Of This 'RHONY' Sneak Peek

Heidi Gutman/Bravo

When the Countess sings “Happy Birthday” to one of her colleagues, it a birthday present to all of us. In a new preview clip, which is available over at E! Online, the RHONY cast is at a restaurant for Bethenny Frankel’s birthday party. Just as everyone seems be settled in, Luann de Lesseps serenades Bethenny with a Marilyn Monroe-esque rendition of “Happy Birthday.” Once Lu's stirring performance is over, everyone stands up out of their seats, puts on Groucho Marx glasses, and dances around the table. It is a perfect minute of TV.

In a talking head, Bethenny really sums it all up: “We all are really a bunch of morons and this really is when we shine. No one's taking themselves too seriously. This is my type of birthday." Yes, this group of incomparable stars really does shine in this clip. You may want to put on your e-CLIP-se glasses before hitting the play button on the bright and brilliant sneak peek.

As you watch the group of longtime pals goof around in this genuinely fun scene, try to not be overcome with excitement for Season 10. Oh, what’s that? It’s impossible, you say? The excitement is overwhelming and you wish you knew how to travel through time so you could get to April 4 already? Yeah, that’s about right.

In addition to being a flat-out delight, the video shows the RHONY cast doing one of the many things they do best: getting along and having a fantastic time together. No one’s left out, no one’s sulking in a corner, no one's being avoided, and no one’s refusing to spin around the table while wearing plastic nose glasses. The Season 9 cast remained intact for Season 10, and with good reason: When this group gets together, it is magic. Think of last year’s Berkshires adventure, the excursion to Vermont, and, of course, the visit to Mexico. Every time the entire RHONY cast is in the same place at the same time, a broken temporary light fixture gets its wings.

Now, that’s not to say everyone on this cast is copacetic at all times. Dorinda Medley and Sonja Morgan kicked off Season 9 on not-chill terms. Lu invited only one of her co-stars to her wedding. Sonja and houseguest Tinsley Mortimer wound up in a weird feud involving Page Six, package deliveries, and brown ice. Bethenny and Ramona Singer fought and fought and fought like only they can.

But as intense as some of the spats were, they could not and would not slow Season 9 down. The RHONY cast still played ball. Oh, Bethenny and Ramona aren’t on speaking terms? Not only will they both go to the same dinner, but Bethenny will invite Ramona on the Skinnygirl trip to Mexico. The current roster of New York Housewives may not always be the best of friends, but they never let their conflicts bog down the show. The highs and lows of their real-deal bonds make for compelling reality TV, and it will be so nice to see this ensemble back on the small screen in a couple of weeks.

Following behind the insta-classic season of reality TV that was RHONY Season 8 was a tall order, but Season 9 did so with aplomb. And now, Season 10 must follow Season 9 in all of its majestic glory. Judging by this clip of the cast celebrating Bethenny’s birthday, as well as the exhilarating trailer for Season 10, it sure looks like the upcoming batch of episodes will keep the show’s momentum going. So put on your Dorinda-approved Christmas pajamas and get ready to dig into some homemade birthday cake, because RHONY’s going to continue to make it nice.