16 Things I'm Loving About 'RHONY' Right Now

Paul Cheney/Bravo

Real Housewives of New York City never fails in providing entertainment, even nine seasons in. Despite it taking a while for the current season to find its groove (the last few episodes have been fantastic and all thanks to Mexico), there are a lot of things I'm loving about RHONY right now — and, no, Ramona Singer, isn't one of them, but more on her in a bit. It's no secret that this city is my favorite out of the entire franchise, so, of course, I'm going to discuss the greatness that is the current season.

This particular group of women have a special connection with each other. Whether they are accidentally stabbing their hands with a knife after too much tequila, dancing badly without a care in the world, or fighting over who gets the best room on vacation, the RHONY cast knows how to keep fans interested.

Again, Season 9 hasn't been without its flaws, like having several filler episodes leading up to the big blowups and over-the-top getaways, but that also doesn't mean it's been a completely boring season. And with that, let's talk about what the series is doing right this year and will hopefully continue to do as long as RHONY is on the air.

1. Tinsley Mortimer

You never know if a new Housewife is going to fit in with the rest of the cast, but there's no doubt Tinsley does. She's like a breath of fresh air. She hasn't shied away from sharing every aspect of her life, including the mistakes she's made and even discussing her infamous mugshot. The fact that she is an open book, owns who she is, and stands up to Ramona and Sonja is exactly why she belongs on the series.

2. The Gifs

This can really be said for every season, but there are just some extra special gifs this time around. I mean, does it get better than drunk Luann in the bushes?

3. Dorinda's Outbursts

Thank goodness for Dorinda. She is proving, once again, why she is meant for Housewives. Her Season 9 outbursts are more than I could've hoped for. When Sonja claimed Dorinda and John wanted to be a part of Tipsy Girl, she created an epic one-liner, "Clip! Clip! Clip!", that no one will ever let her forget. Of course, there was also the time earlier in the season when Dorinda said, "I'll tell ya how I'm doing — not well, b*tch!" She just can't help but be epic.

4. The Calling Out Of Luann

The cast and viewers had to endure Luann repeatedly declare "I'm getting married" throughout Season 8. The marriage talk didn't stop in Season 9, because her split from Tom wasn't announced until August when filming was long over and the season was about to end. After she and Tom said "I do" in January, the Housewife felt it necessary to repeatedly inform everyone that she was now married. It's something many of the women became annoyed with too. Thankfully, her best friend and bridesmaid at her wedding to Tom, Dorinda, told Luann it was time to stop talking marriage. As Dorinda said, "We get it."

5. The True Ramona

Ramona has really shown her true colors this season. From the way she's treated Bethenny to the way she destroyed Dorinda's house to the way she acted during room selection in Mexico, Ramona has been hard to watch this season. Now everyone is seeing why her time as a Housewife is up. Yes, Ramona seemed to own up to her wrongdoings this past season during the Mexico trip, but, really, she needs to go.

6. Sonja's Facial Expressions

This gif is only one of Sonja's amazing Season 9 facial expressions. Sometimes her reactions don't make sense, but there's no denying she can make any conversation hilarious by just using her face to do all of the talking.

7. Bethenny & Lu

Bethenny and Luann had a tumultuous Season 8 with all of that Tom drama, but this season has been very different. They have somewhat gotten back on track and have learned how to be in the same room, despite everything that went down. Even Bethenny admitted they're not friends, but that they are able to co-exist. This is what a healthy, civilized, adult relationship looks like.

8. Carole's Private Interviews

Carole has been killing her private interviews. She always speaks her mind, but she has been even more honest and witty during her Season 9 confessionals. I mean, when she couldn't help but comment on Ramona's "I Dream of Jeannie" ponytail? Yeah, so on point.

9. "Eggs à la Française"

This is Luann's signature dish, so of course it had to be mentioned this season. Would it be RHONY without eggs à la Française talk? Oh, and if you want to know how to make them, here you go.

10. The Berkshires Curse Continues

The Berkshires curse lives! Dorinda should never, ever invite the ladies back to her Berkshires home. However, for the show's sake, she definitely should ignore what I just said. The entertainment value is always there and more than viewers could hope for. Whether the women are trying to once again school Luann on romance or Ramona is repeatedly praising Dorinda's homecooked meal, the Berkshires is amazing — and might even need to become its own spinoff.

11. Jill Zarin's Return

To be clear, I wasn't excited to see Jill return. I was happy to see her go after Season 4. The only reason I welcomed her returned was because it served as a friendly reminder that getting rid of her was the right decision.

12. Truth Or Dare

The game of truth or dare the women played in Vermont was one of the best moments in years. Not even Luann's talk about being married could ruin Carole discussing her sex life with George Clooney and Dorinda cringing over Tinsley revealing she had anal sex with her ex-husband.

13. Sonja's Motherly Rules

Apparently, Sonja is now a rule follower, because she has been obsessed with rules throughout Season 9. First, she didn't agree with how Dorinda treated her at Ramona's Hamptons dinner party, because there is a certain way one must act at events. Then, she schooled Tinsley on her house rules and the right way to treat her as a host. If that wasn't enough, Sonja decided it was her duty to tell Tinsley that she shouldn't be dating younger men and the way she was acting around them was wrong, even though Sonja acts just like Tinsley. Yes, her hypocrisy is so frustrating that it somehow becomes entertaining.

14. Fire Safety

Do these women know how to start a fire? First, Carole made a fire at Dorinda's Berkshires home in a fireplace that didn't work. Then, Luann almost caught on fire while trying to light one in Vermont. They might want to take some fire safety classes.

15. Sonja & Tinsley

Never have I ever enjoyed a disastrous friendship more than Sonja and Tinsley's. Despite Sonja allowing Tinsley to live with her until she found her own place, the two have had more downs than ups. They have so many arguments, and some of them are so ridiculously entertaining. Remember that time they argued about Sonja's assistant answering the door for Tinsley? It was so over-the-top, but also so glorious.

16. The Reinstated Mexico Trip

The women were originally supposed to head to Mexico in Season 8, but after Bethenny fell ill, the trip got canceled. Thankfully, Bethenny decided to reinstate the vacation. This just might be the best time they've ever had outside of the city. From Luann's drunkenness to Bethenny preventing Ramona and Sonja from getting the best room to Dorinda stabbing herself in the hand but being totally chill about it, they probably should just go to Mexico every year.

I'll be adding these to my RHONY's hall of fame moments.