Maisie Williams Knows How 'Game Of Thrones' Will End, But Don't Expect Any Spoilers From Her

Jimmy Kimmel Live on YouTube

The Game Of Thrones Season 8 premiere may be a ways off, but some of the cast members already are aware of how it's all going to wrap up. Although she still has a lot more to film as Arya Stark, Maisie Williams knows how Game Of Thrones will end. During an interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, she revealed that she has already read all of the scripts. So the actor not only knows the fate of her Many-Faced assassin character, but she knows the fates of Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen. And while Williams didn't really give away any significant intel on the HBO series, she noted how the ending will be so much better if it's not spoiled.

The actor appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Feb. 20 to promote her role in the stop-action animated film Early Man. But Kimmel managed to slip a few Game Of Thrones (production designer: Deborah Riley) questions in. The cast notoriously has to be secretive about the absurdly popular series, but Williams did brag about the fact that she has read all the scripts for Season 8. "I know the end of Game Of Thrones," Williams said proudly. She continued, "It's just surreal, to be honest. Like being with this show for so long — and then it also having the following that it does — everyone's waiting for this moment and then you read it and it's just like, it's incredible."

As the South African publication IOL reported, Williams had told British radio host Nick Grimshaw that she knew the ending of Game Of Thrones in January 2018. But she was much more open about it in her interview with Kimmel. Of course, that didn't mean any spoilers since she told Kimmel that the ending would be less epic if she revealed it rather than if he watched it.

However, fans seeing the ending of Game Of Thrones is a ways off since Season 8 is still in production. Williams said that she was supposed to be in the U.S. for a week, but that she was told to return early to get back to filming Game Of Thrones. Kimmel asked how much shooting she had left and Williams said, "A lot, endless amounts. Yeah, it's a mammoth task this year — it's huge" — which makes sense since it was previously announced that the final six episodes will be closer to feature length. When the host noted that her answer implies she'll be in a lot of the episodes, Williams coyly said, "No, not necessarily. Cause some of the episodes take a really long time to shoot." But Arya better be in all of the Season 8 episodes — especially now that she is ruling Winterfell with her sister Sansa.


While it might not be a great sign that Williams couldn't immediately remember where she was when she first read how the series ends, the finale was exciting enough that she broke the rules and shared the script with her mom. She also addressed what the president of programming at HBO, Casey Bloys, had said about shooting multiple Game Of Thrones endings — and managed to take a shot at President Donald Trump in the process. "I don't think we've got the budget to shoot lots of different endings," Williams said. "But as we know, sometimes presidents don't always tell the truth."

As the final season of Game Of Thrones continues filming, it will become increasingly more difficult for HBO to keep the ending a secret. And as much as you may want to know how it will all go down, it's hard to argue with Williams' reasoning that it will be better to see it for yourself. Plus, is it really wise to go against what Arya Stark says? Based on what happened to Littlefinger in Season 7, it's safe to say it isn't.