Stassi From ‘Pump Rules’ Loves These 2 ‘Real Housewives’ Stars As Much As You Do

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Vanderpump Rules star and ranch dressing enthusiast Stassi Schroeder has some serious feelings about another Bravo reality show. Last Monday, the Bravolebrity chatted with Bustle about The Real Housewives of New York City, her "favorite one" out of all of the Real Housewives programs. And yes, Stassi has favorite Real Housewives on her favorite edition of Real Housewives: Sonja Morgan and Dorinda Medley. Wow, those are excellent choices. They aren't the only possible RHONY stars to pick (the roster is just that good and that's an objective fact), but they're great picks.

“Sonja is one of the best characters on Bravo," Stassi told Bustle. "She's just so completely unaware of anything that she's just brilliant TV. She's fantastic TV “

This is not a hot take. This is a good take. A reasonable take. An objectively true take. Anyone who says Sonja doesn’t make good TV must’ve accidentally missed every last one of Sonja’s RHONY scenes. She’s a funny, glamorous, and captivating personality who will do things like hand wash a stack of underwear in a bidet on camera without giving it a second thought. The show is lucky to have her.

And Stassi's number one N.Y. Housewife? That title goes to Dorinda. "She is so, so nice," Stassi tells Bustle. "Really nice.” What a fitting description for the Bravolebrity who once famously "made it nice."

Again, it's difficult to disagree with Stassi here. In addition to being hilarious and extraordinarily quotable, Dorinda really does seem like one of the kindest Real Housewives to ever grace the franchise. That's not to say she's too polite to confront her fellow N.Y. Housewives; few will go off on a co-star like Dorinda will. But all in all, this relatively new Housewife (can you believe she only got her golden apple three seasons ago?) comes across as a truly lovely person.

This is not the first time the Pumper has been open about her love for RHONY, Dorinda, and Sonja. On the Jan. 6, 2017 episode of Straight Up with Stassi, Stassi called the RHONY Season 8 moment where Sonja visits Bethenny Frankel at the Skinnygirl office “the best scene in the history of reality television.” And then, Stassi offered up a bone-chilling hypothetical scenario:

“If Sonja Morgan goes away from New York Housewives, I don’t know that I’d continue to watch. Because she is my favorite person to watch.”

Sonja is an integral part of the incredible RHONY cast. May she never leave.

Later on in the aforementioned podcast episode, Stassi recounted the time she sat with Dorinda at a Daily Mail party. She said,

“I don’t have enough good things to say about her. She was so likable, so fun, so kind, so positive, and upbeat. Just like, a good time. And just talked about her daughter. She reminded me of what my mom’s like when my mom goes out. Just really accepting and loving of girls that are younger … She has so much confidence and she’s so lively and just in tune with herself.”

Sounds like Dorinda. Stassi's Bravo fandom doesn't begin and end with the Real Housewives; her commitment to the brand runs deep. She not only regularly watches Southern Charm, but she’s befriended several members of the cast. Same thing goes for Summer House, the reality series set in Montauk that kicked things off with a backdoor pilot at the end of a Pump Rules episode. Stassi also loves Ladies of London, and, as she said on the aforementioned podcast episode, “has been obsessed with [LoL star Caroline Stanbury] for three years.”

Stassi is both a Bravolebrity and a Bravoholic. To paraphrase pop star Hannah Montana, Stassi gets the best of both SUR worlds.

Additional reporting by Kerensa Cadenas