Target Is Selling Disney Hooded Blankets For Adults & They Are Moderately Disturbing


When you think of Target, there's a good chance you think of a world where nothing hurts and everything is perfect. You'd be right (except for maybe your wallet which may get hurt). The red and white hued retailer isn't perfect though because Target is selling Disney hooded blankets for adults. That sounds lovely on the surface, right? Who doesn't want to rock Elsa's ice crown or Belle's golden tiara? Except, these hooded blankets are moderately disturbing, and you may want to brace yourself.

If you're looking for a great robe to wear from the affordable retailer, they've got plenty of great options. From floral printed kimonos to fuzzy, cozy jackets, you can take your pick. After perusing, though, you may stumble across something a little odd, and that's the hooded Disney blankets.

Now, the first thing that may seem off is that the characters chosen aren't who you'd think. First up is the Olaf wrap blanket. They're shaped more like if a cape and a Snuggie had a baby, and then you throw in a hood for good measure. On Olaf, you'll find images of the snowman covering the blanket, and once the hood is pulled up, it's his face. Your face is his face. As for the hands, they read "Warm Hugs," and maybe think twice before hugging someone wearing this odd, but still Disney-centric attire.

Strange yet interesting, right?

Then, there's Minnie. You may be thinking that a Minnie blanket doesn't seem weird at all. Honestly, it's not. Minnie Mouse is one of the most beloved Disney characters. In fact, major brands like Kate Spade have hosted Minnie Mouse collections that are straight up adorable. The blanket? Maybe not.

Like the Olaf version, shoppers will find mittens attached the blanket itself. They make total sense in theory. They're large, white, and look exactly like cartoon Minnie's own hands. Except when you see them on a human, they're more than a little off putting. Where Olaf's hood and mittens were strange, it's just Minnie's mittens that should maybe be rethought. Other than that, the polka dot blanket and Minnie Mouse hood that doesn't extend all the way over your face, isn't so bad.

Disney isn't the only studio to get in on the strange blanket action, though. Love Despicable Me? Those minions need their time to shine, too. Fortunately, the Minon blanket is a little more on the comical side. The characters themselves are meant to be kind of silly, and if you chalk up the blanket to the same characteristics, it's really not so bad. Plus, there's no kind of creepy slogan or oversized white gloves to go along with it.

Why create these blankets? It could be the seriously nostalgia inducing trend that's permeating the world right now. Have you seen the Vans x Spongebob collaboration? What about the Frankies Valley Girl Collection of swimsuits that will give you serious Clueless Cher Horowitz vibes?

Of course, there's the fact that everyone loves Disney. Not only do you have Disney inspired beauty products like bath bombs and lip balm and nail art based on princesses, but the classic cartoon studio has also taken over the fashion world. From millennial pink Disney ears to Torrid's Cinderella themed collection, Disney is everywhere, and it is kind of great.

These Disney warp blankets from Target, though, are maybe not the most choice option for your Disney themed needs. While some people are sure to love them, and you should always wear whatever you damn well please, just maybe take a look at those oversized Minnie Mouse hands before making your final decision.