7 Sex Positions To Make Your Sagittarius Season More Adventurous

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As any Sagittarius will tell you, it's their season and their time to shine. But while it may be Sagittarius season, it doesn't mean that the rest of us can't benefit from it too. Sags tend to be an adventurous lot and it's something that, those of us who aren't Sagittarius, should take advantage of this time of year. Especially in the way of sex.

"Since November 30, the Sun is in the sign of Sagittarius and it will remain there for approximately 30 days," Cindy Mckean, an astrologer and psychic, tells Bustle. "It marks a time of generosity, fun, excitement, and adventure."

According to Mckean, on December 2, the planet that rules Sagittarius, Jupiter, moved from Sagittarius' constellation into that of Capricorn. Among other things, Capricorn represents consolidated human consciousness, making the ideal astrological placement for us — all of us — to seek new horizons through spiritual divinity.

"In other words, it's about making deeper connections through exploring and experiencing things that are new to us," Mckean says.

Since Sagittarius is naturally frisky and has that inherent need for adventure, it's a perfect time for all signs of the zodiac to make exploration a reality with these seven best sex positions that are more than ripe for the season.



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How to do it: Although the photo above is of the sideways 69 sex position, if you prefer the traditional position of one partner on top of the other then, by all means, do that one instead. Ultimately, what it comes down to for 69 is you and your partner giving each other oral sex at the same time — in whatever position that's most comfortable for you. No matter what way you do it, your two bodies will still make a 69.

Why it's a great sex position for Sagittarius season: According to Mckean, this is the season for connection and you can't get a better connection than giving and receiving oral with your partner simultaneously. This position is also more likely to appeal to the water signs: Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces, because they like to be and feel connected.

"Though they each experience it a little differently emotionally, the result is closer connectedness with their partner," Mckean says.

69 offers the right amount of intimacy to make any two people feel connected and intertwined with each other.


Kneeling Reach-Around

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How to do it: With one partner on all fours (this is the key part in regards to Sagittarius season), the other partner can either penetrate them from behind with a dildo or penis, while "reaching around" to stimulate their clitoris or penis with a sex toy. Adding a sex toy to this position, or any other position, is always something to consider if you want to take things to the next level.

Why it's a great sex position for Sagittarius season: When it comes to ideal sex positions for Sagittarius season, it's all about "four on the floor," according to Mckean.

"The 'bestial' signs, or signs that are land-based animals with four legs, as Astrology describes them, will naturally understand this position," Mckean says.

That means Aries the ram, Taurus the bull, Leo the lion, Sagittarius the centaur, and Capricorn the goat will find the most pleasure in this sex position this season — or any other position that involves one (or more!) partners on all fours.



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How to do it: Although we tend to think of missionary as the person with the penis getting on top and penetrating the person with the vulva, it doesn't have to be that way. As long as the person doing the penetrating is on top, then it counts as missionary.

Why it's a great sex position for Sagittarius season: Missionary may not seem like the most adventurous sex position out there, but it also depends on who's doing it. For people who don't usually have sex in missionary, it can actually feel like one hell of an adventure — especially once you toss in all that intimate eye contact.

"The human represented signs such as Gemini, Virgo, and Aquarius, where they are also signs that are intellectual, will enjoy this position as they remain face-to-face," Mckean says. "This may also be appealing to Libra for similar reasons, but the intimacy of it will be especially appealing for them."

Mckean adds that missionary position during Sagittarius season can be something Leo enjoys too, as long as there is some domination involved. Leo could be up to dominate or be dominated; depends on their mood.


Doggy Style

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How to do it: With one partner on all fours (note: four on the floor again), the other partner gets on their knees behind them and penetrates them with a penis or dildo.

Why it's a great sex position for Sagittarius season: Because this time of year literally brings out the beast in bestial signs and the intellect in the "human-based" signs, doggy style is going to take on a whole new meaning. So Aries, Taurus, Leo, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Gemini, Virgo, and Aquarius take note — this is the sex position to blow your mind right now.


Modified Doggy

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How to do it: Also known as the "speed bump" position in some circles, for modified doggy you and your partner are going to collapse yourselves right down flat on the bed, table, floor — wherever you happen to be. The person on the bottom is to be penetrated either vaginally or anally by the person on top. Of course, the person on top can do this with either a penis or dildo.

Why it's a great sex position for Sagittarius season: One word: passion. "This [position] has a universal appeal to just about all the signs, but this may feel especially passionate for Scorpio and Aquarius," Mckean says. "Scorpio will enjoy the leverage it gives them while Aquarius enjoys the freedom."

But you definitely don't have to be a Scorpio or Aquarius to really get a lot out of this position. Whether you decide to go the vaginal route or have anal sex, it's going to be deep and very pleasurable.



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How to do it: A bit lazy and totally cozy, the spooning sex position isn't just one of the easiest to get into (because you're probably already in it every time you crawl into bed with your partner), but it's also really hot. All it takes is both partners lying on their sides and facing the same direction, while the partner in the front (the little spoon) is penetrated by the person behind them (the big spoon).

Why it's a great sex position for Sagittarius season: "Signs that enjoy security such as Cancer, Taurus, and Capricorn will enjoy the cuddling aspect of this position," Mckean says, especially this time of year when it's so damn cold. But, as she adds, it's also great for Virgo and Aquarius, because it pushes them out of their comfort zone and into a position they probably don't do enough.


The Doggy Train

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How to do it: As is the case with all threesomes (foursomes, orgies, etc), you need to find at least one extra buddy for you and your partner. Once that's been secured, and boundaries and consent are established, it's time to get down to business and "the doggy train" is the best way to do that.

While this drawing has an MFF lineup, you don't need two people with a vulva and one person with penis to pull it off. You can have three people with a vulva, and the one on the end using a strap-on. Or you can have person with a vulva in the middle and the two people on the ends with penises, if the person with the vulva is into analingus or giving rim jobs. Or you can even add a couple more people and suddenly you have a five-car doggy train. Let your creativity take charge.

Why it's a great sex position for Sagittarius season: Mckean doesn't mess around when she points out that Sagittarius season is indeed orgy season too.

"Sagittarius season is all about being inclusive," Mckean says. "Sharing the love and passion in a group setting not only connects all the signs, but it takes them beyond one-on-one sex." So, you know, share that love before Capricorn season rolls around in a couple weeks.

So, yes, Sagittarius it is your season, but thanks to you and the alignment of the planets, we all get to enjoy some great sex.

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