5 Things Every Sagittarius Needs To Know About Sex

What are the best sex tips for sagittarius women? From doing it in the great outdoors to sex atop a motorcycle, the crazier the better in bed (or wherever) for fire-ruled Sagittarius. Astrologer Ally Mead has plenty of suggestions for Sagittarians to work into their love lives for better sex. And while some might be straightforward — for example, you have a great chance at a crazy-hot night with a Gemini, which is all the more true if you work a little reverse cowgirl into the mix — some are a little more heady. Mead says that Sags never want anything to come too easily to them, so bear that in mind if you're in the early stages of dating one. And if you're a Sagittarius, perhaps knowing this about yourself will help you from ditching a sweet gal or guy just because they happen to be (gasp) available.

Mead, who owns an intuitive healing business and is known for her easy, non–woo-woo approach to the stars, has a new book, Astrology Made Simple, dropping August 11, in addition to her other book, Searching for Sassy: An L.A. Phone Psychic's Tales of Life, Lust & Love. She decodes the zodiac in an uncomplicated, no-frills manner, and has a lot to say about the average Sagittarius sex life. Hint: There's no such thing as "average" in the sexcapades of a Sag.

1. LOL In Bed

Sex isn't a game to Sags, but it is important to keep things light. "Sagittarians, ruled by expansive, lucky Jupiter, are one of the most fun-loving signs of the zodiac," Mead says. "That makes them natural lovers of sex, but also people who need to be playful in and out of bed." If you're a Sagittarius, you lap it up when your lover makes you laugh, and if you're dating a Sag, be sure to skip the seriousness in the bedroom. (Or wherever it is you wind up having sex.)

This lightheartedness is a surefire way to win over a Sagittarius, says Mead: "You may find that, with a Sag native, the quickest way to seal the deal is with jokes, teasing and flirting, not to mention tickling that leads to much, much more. I’m not talking funny faces and masks here, though some Sagittarians may find a comedy followed by some serious boinking their idea of a hot date, rather than the textbook romantic venue." So hotfoot it to the nearest comedy club or get a couple of tickets to a funny film for a great date — and some foreplay.

2. Always Raise The Stakes

Nothing should come to a Sagittarius easily. "The element of fire rules Sagittarius, making these people hot-blooded indeed," says Mead. Unlike Tauruses, Sagittarians "don’t want to lie around on the couch eating and watching TV." Instead, a good night with a Sag involves something active. Rather than ordering in, going out to a restaurant sounds best to these Energizer archers. And the same goes for sex: "These natives are active, and want their lovers to be too. If you’re too easy, Sag doesn’t want to know. They’d rather try and fail at sex on a motorcycle just to say they did it," says Mead, or, get this, "attempt to make the magic happen while jumping out of a plane." That's one I haven't heard before. A little hard-to-get works best with a Sagittarius. "Daredevils have a much better chance at landing a Sag in bed, and making him or her happy. Their fire element also makes Sag rather sexually insatiable," Mead says.

3. Get Your Fitness On

A little post-gym sex is a dream come true for a Sag. "Most Sagittarians use their fiery nature to get stuff done," Mead says. "But many of them are also fitness buffs. If you’re a Sag in the gym, chances are you’re getting horny just looking around the place, at all those hot bods grunting and thrusting." So put that to good use, she suggests. "When you’re finished with your workout and a quick shower, you’re ready to hit the sheets for round two." It's not just about a little play after a CrossFit workout, though. You can put all of your hard work to work: "Your strength and flexibility can support a number of positions too, as well as fun stuff like swings and harnesses," says Mead. Perhaps now is the time to invest in some new accoutrements for the bedroom. Or living room, or rooftop. Whatever you Sagittarians get into.

4. Take It Outside

"Sagittarius is a natural-born explorer, and loves the outdoors," says Mead. This goes for their sexual appetites too. "Whether you’re camping or just want to try something new, getting it on in nature revs their engines like nothing else." It's not just about finding the most insane place to get it on, she says — sex in the wild is also about building trust. "Doing it against a tree, hanging from a branch or even in an underground cave lights up their libido while deepening trust with partners," she says. If you're dating a Sagittarius, keep in mind that they look for "people with a strong sense of self, who can stand up to their expectations and need for freedom. If you have an adventurous side, even better!" And if you're a Sagittarius, you know that a little goes a long way: "Even a vanilla position like missionary can be made sexier with the dirt beneath your back and the wind in your hair," Mead says.

5. Do Reverse Cowgirl With A Gemini

First of all, a Gemini is ideal for a Sagittarius because "they are both intrigued by the others' perspective of sex and play," says astrologer Amy Javier (for more on the Sag-Gem connection, see this.) This duo can lead to seriously hot sex — namely in one particular position, though the whole playbook is fair game. Says Mead, "Sag’s favorite sex position is probably reverse cowgirl, which lets them show off their powerful legs and hips while letting them feel free to move. The deeper level of stimulation also lets the imagination run wild while the body’s on fire."

Back to the idea of trust-building being important for a Sagittarius, regular ol' cowgirl works as well. "If you want to look your partner in the eye — after all, Sag is known for its honesty — just flip around for a fierce session of grinding," Mead says. Just go slow: "Everyone wins with this fun and playful position, and you may find that you have to slow things down before one or the other of you gets a little too excited. Though Sag isn’t a master of this, learning how to pace yourself will ultimately yield the greatest satisfaction." Gemini's airiness will help calm down that Sagittarian fire — and should lead to some great sex, as well as a top-notch love connection.

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