7 Sex Positions For When You're Feeling Adventurous

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Although you're under no obligation to have an adventurous sex life, after the same old thing again and again, you might just roll over and suggest to your partner, "Let's get a little wild." Then, suddenly, before you know you it, you've both evolved together into one of those adventurous couples. One of those couples who, when sharing your sexual conquests with friends get responses like, "You did what with who in where?" And it just might be at this point that you and your partner realize this is who you've been all along; it just took you awhile to get here.

"People prefer certain sexual positions for a variety of reasons," Rachel Needle, Psy.D., licensed psychologist and certified sex therapist, tells Bustle. "Our preferred sexual position can say a lot about us and our sexuality. However, sometimes it's more simple than that. When a woman is first with a partner, their preferred or 'go-to' sexual position will likely be a position she is most comfortable in, gets the most pleasure from, or feels the sexiest in."

So, if you've finally figured out what positions really do it for you and that, yes, you and your partner actually are one of those adventurous couples, then here are seven sex positions for you to try.


The Back-Seated Bend

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How to do it: With your partner sitting in an L position, straddle them while facing them, then bed backward until your upper body is parallel along their extended legs. Your partner can use your hips as leverage to pull themselves deeper into you. They can also stimulate your clitoris during penetration in this position.

Why it's great for really adventurous couples: Honestly, this is a hot and delicious position that isn't done enough. That alone should pique the interest of adventurous couples everywhere.


Seated Oral

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How to do it: While either you or your partner sit in a chair, have whoever isn't sitting perform oral sex.

Why it's great for really adventurous couples: Seated oral takes regular oral sex to another level, because it's more intimate. When you're laying down giving or receiving oral, you can't watch and enjoy the show, as well as enjoy the physical pleasure. This position allows for both.


The Three-Legged Dog

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How to do it: While standing and facing your partner, who is also standing, have them lift one of your legs, then penetrate you.

Why it's great for really adventurous couples: Honestly, this is a tough position. Why? Because there's only three legs between two people and they're having sex on only those three legs. So that right there is an adventure factor. But if you're an adventurous couple and you want even more adventure, then I suggest you try this one in public (just make sure you know your state's laws). But someplace where, if you fall, you land on something soft and out of view of those passing by.



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How to do it: While on your back, have your partner straddle your face, then lean parallel against you so their face is in your genitals. From here, it's all about orally stimulating each other at the same time.

Why it's great for really adventurous couples: Although seated oral is already on the list, 69 belongs on this list, too. It's not that adventurous couples enjoy oral anymore than anyone else, it's just that they're more open to different oral sex positions, because of that adventurous streak.


The Voyeur

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How to do it: Grab a buddy who wants to play, but not exactly physically play. Next, get into the doggy style position with your partner, with you both facing the third member of the party so you can watch them masturbate. This third person doesn't necessarily have to be a woman, despite the image above.

Why it's great for really adventurous couples: Although really experimental couples are likely to go full throttle into a threesome, adventurous couples tend to flirt with the idea and skate around it instead. Because of this, the voyeur position is a great fit.


Advanced Crab Walk

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How to do it: For this one, it might be best to start in the regular crab walk position, which means facing each other (in the crab walk) then, once you're close enough, lifting your hips up and lowering yourself onto your partner.

For the "advanced" version of the position, you're going to lift your legs so they're resting on your partner's shoulders, which means you won't have the stability that you'll have with the regular crab walk position.

Why it's great for really adventurous couples: Simply, it's a position that requires effort, finagling, time, and communication — it also helps if you're limber AF. Because of this, adventurous couples look at it and say, "I can do that!" Then do whatever it takes to actually pull it off.


Tag Team

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How to do it: Basically, what we have here is mutual masturbation, but with a vibrator. So as long as you're both in comfy spots, the actual position you're in is irrelevant. It's all about playing with toys, having fun, and enjoying the show.

Why it's great for really adventurous couples: Adventurous couples know there's more to sex than just intercourse. Because of this, tag team is a great option for them and, since vibrators are part of the position, both partners are bound to climax and have one hell of a good time.

Just because a couple is adventurous, doesn't mean they need to be swinging from the trees having sex a la Tarzan. More than anything it's about having fun and trying out things that others might not be too keene to try, you know, because adventure!