The Virtual Game You Should Play Right Now, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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Spending more time at home means finding new ways to keep yourself engaged and entertained — so even if you're not traditionally a big games person, social distancing might be your catalyst. Astrology is a great tool for getting insight into our personalities, so if you're looking for something to do besides re-watch The Office, it might be helpful to open your mind to the world of virtual games you can play, based on your zodiac sign.

Trying your hand at some fun virtual games can be helpful right now in a number of ways. Firstly, it's a good way to keep your brain active and have a little fun while you're chilling at home. Plus, games are more interactive than simply watching a show or movie, so you'll feel more involved. Additionally, if you're craving some social connection, there are lots of games with a social element that involve competing against and interacting with other players and friends — so mix things up with your crew by playing games instead of the usual Zoom happy hour.

Ready to dive in? Grab your phone, laptop, or gaming console and check out the virtual game for your zodiac sign to light up your free time with some virtual excitement.

Aries: Mario Kart Tour

Who wasn't obsessed with Mario Kart for Nintendo 64 during their childhood? Now, the nostalgic racing game is back with Mario Kart Tour, and you can play it straight from your phone. An ambitious spirit like you, Aries, will come to the racetrack to fully slay the competition, so get your friends to download the game too and take advantage of its multiplayer option.

Taurus: Overcooked! 2

Earth signs love a good meal, and you, Taurus are no exception. Put your virtual cooking skills to the test with the fun, lightheartedly competitive, and slightly chaotic Overcooked! 2, which is a cooking challenge game where you play a chef who is trying to save the world, one meal at a time. You can play solo or join forces with up to four players online.

Gemini: Words With Friends 2

Wordsmith that you are, Gemini, it only makes sense that you'd likely excel at (and derive a lot of entertainment from) playing Words With Friends 2, the update to the classic, long-running original version. This Scrabble-esque word challenge has a majorly social element, so you can literally play with friends or with strangers, and can have multiple games going at once, which is ideal for a multi-tasking mind like yours.

Cancer: The Sims

You already love being cozy at home, Cancer, so double up on the pleasure by playing a game that involves making virtual people cozy at home, too. The Sims is a fan favorite game that's apparently seeing a resurgence in popularity due to the current circumstances of the pandemic. You might not be able to attend a party right now, but your Sims can, so live it up vicariously. Virtual social life, anyone?

Leo: Alexa's Song Quiz

Flashy fire sign that you are, Leo, you're bound to slay when it comes to recognizing the hottest hit songs from an era of your choosing. If you or a friend has an Amazon Alexa, open the game Song Quiz so that you can see who can correctly identify the track the quickest. Get ready to brush up on your pop music knowledge and dazzle your friends.

Virgo: Stardew Valley

You're not the most competitive sign of the bunch, Virgo, but you as a mutable sign you do enjoy variety. Stardew Valley is an open-ended game about running a farm in a small town that can keep anyone — even the most detail-oriented among us — entertained for literal hours. It's virtually endless, so you'll have plenty to explore without anything too violent or hectic happening, and you can take on tasks solo or interact with others.

Libra: Candy Crush Saga

Aesthetic queen that you are, Libra, we know that when it comes to games, you want something cute — so Candy Crush Saga is definitely the game of choice for you. This sweets-themed puzzle game is full of delicious treats and pretty pastels — and for a concept-driven air sign like you, the puzzle aspect will be the perfect form of entertainment and fun.

Scorpio: Remote Insensitivity

Ever played Cards Against Humanity, Scorpio? It's a fun and wacky card game that involves answering questions and completing sentences using all sorts of wild and taboo answer cards — perfect for an edgy Scorp like yourslef. Since we can't host a board game night, try your hand at a free virtual alternative to the game called Remote Insensitivity available through, which offers a sort of virtual card table for games. You'll be given a free code to join the game that can be shared with friends, and then you can connect separately on a group call or Zoom session to chat as you play.

Sagittarius: Pokémon Go

For an adventure-seeker like you, Pokémon Go has probably always been a fun game of choice. And yes, it's still a viable option, even if you're spending more of your time indoors. The developers of the game have apparently changed some features to allow you continue collecting monsters without having to leave the house, so embrace the virtual world of Pokémon and have some fun.

Capricorn: Rento

OK, Cap, we all know that your sign gets labeled for being a workaholic who loves money. But hey, you can't help it if you're a total boss. Now you can show off your business-savvy via virtual hang sessions with your crew by partaking in a virtual version of Monopoly called Rento, which is available online. This multiplayer virtual game is based on the classic board game that we all love to live out our real estate dreams through — and it's equally fun.

Aquarius: You Don't Know Jack

You Don't Know Jack is a super fun virtual trivia game that's ideal for a conceptual and intellectual air sign like yourself, as it'll put your knowledge of all sorts of random things to the test. Plus, it'll keep you connected with your social circle, as the game's maker, Jackbox Games, just released information on how to play the game virtually with other friends.

Pisces: Animal Crossing: New Horizons

This adorably peaceful game is definitely having a moment, as millennials everywhere are enjoying the soothing feel of Animal Crossing: New Horizons' cute and pastel-colored interface. For a gentle Pisces like you, games with violence or heavy competition aren't the best fit, so try your hand at this one, as it's non-competitive, slow-moving, and won't add a single added drop of stress to your life.