Bustle's Editors On 'The Bachelorette' + That Epic Group Date Story

How's it going, everyone? Hopefully, you're all at least semi-recovered from last night's insane Bachelorette finale. It's hard to believe that Rachel Lindsay's season has finally come to an end, and an end like that, no less, but alas, here we are. Good thing Bachelor in Paradise is right around the corner...

For more on that epic season ender and much more, read on for a recap of everything that got Bustle's editors talking today, Tuesday Aug. 8.

The Bachelorette + What Went Down

Well, that was what you'd call a proper series finale. Spoilers ahead! As millions of people tuned in to see, Rachel surprised everyone by rejecting Peter and getting engaged to Bryan, instead. The controversial choice seriously pissed off fans, but hey, at least the proposal was pretty sweet. Still, though, hearing Peter wonder "What's wrong with me?" after the breakup was too much.

LOL: These tweets about the Bachelorette finale are so, so good, you guys.

Dating + An Epic Revenge Story

If you haven't heard about this story yet, you're in for a treat. When a woman realized that her blind date had double-booked her, she teamed up with the other lady to get revenge — but the situation turned out to be a lot more complicated than that. Read Lisette Plyant's amazing story on Twitter, and be prepared to be crying with laughter by the end.

Heads Up: Starbucks has a new Frappuccino, and it sounds totally delicious.

Barack Obama + A New Holiday

Well, this is cool: Barack Obama Day is a thing now, at least in Illinois. The state has declared that starting in 2018, August 4, aka the former president's birthday, will be a day to honor Obama and his impressive legacy. As a reminder, the prez began his political career as an Illinois State Senator, so it's fitting that this would be the state to give him such a special day. Congrats, Obama!

FYI: A new poll shows that most millennials view Trump unfavorably, which could spell disaster in 2020. Shame.

Glen Campbell + A Long Legacy

Sad news: music legend Glen Campbell has died at the age of 81, after a long battle with Alzheimer's. The iconic singer, who was known for hits like "Rhinestone Cowboy", was a major presence in music during the '60s, '70s, and beyond, and he'll be greatly missed by so many people.

Baby News: Congrats are in order for Andy Samberg and Joanna Newsom, who are parents to a new baby girl!

David Letterman + A New Show

Two years after he retired from late night TV, David Letterman is making a comeback. The legendary host is returning to TV with a new Netflix show that'll feature him conducting interviews with guests. There's no title or release date yet, but regardless, this is exciting stuff. Welcome back, Letterman.

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Today's WTF Moment: A Chinese restaurant is allegedly giving customers discounts... based on their bra sizes. *Facepalm*

What to Watch: A new episode of the addictive Manhunt: Unabomber airs tonight on Discovery at 10, and it looks intense.