Bustle's Editors On 'The Bachelor' + Congress

by Rachel Simon

Welcome to 2017, everyone! After 12 very long months, 2016 has finally come to an end, and I'm sure many of you are just as relieved as I am that the year is behind us. There's no question that 2017 is bound to have its own less-than-ideal moments, but for now, we can all celebrate the fact that the year that brought us Trump's election, Brexit, and the deaths of so many beloved stars is officially over.

And January is shaping up to be pretty interesting already. From Monday night's Bachelor premiere to Megyn Kelly's big change, here's all the news that caught Bustle's editors' attention today, Jan. 3.

Nick Viall + The Bachelor

A new year, a new season of The Bachelor to obsess over. Monday night's premiere saw Nick Viall meet the 30 (!) contestants, and it was quite a ride, to say the least. There were scandalous reveals, first kisses, and dolphin memes galore — as well as a whole lot of sex-positivity, a pretty huge step forward for the dating show.

Expert Advice: "So far, my money is on Vanessa to win Nick's heart — she's cultured, smart, selfless (she's a special education teacher), and has some serious chemistry with Nick already," says Bustle's Associate TV editor and Bachelor whiz Martha Sorren. "But, Alexis, the not-a-dolphin-definitely-a-shark contestant, won America's heart — so here's hoping she gets even more screen time ahead."

Megyn Kelly + Big Moves

After months of speculation, it's been announced that Megyn Kelly will be leaving Fox News and moving to NBC News, where she'll reportedly host a daytime talk show, anchor a Sunday news show, and cover political events. It's a big move for Kelly, who became a major player in 2016 for her reporting on the election and the harassment she received from Donald Trump and his campaign. All eyes will be peeled on what she does next at NBC.

Inauguration RSVPs: In a little less than three weeks, Trump will be sworn into office — and it turns out that none other than Hillary and Bill Clinton will be watching in the audience. It's a surprising move from the duo, and another reason to tune in to the Jan. 20 event

Congressional Ethics + The GOP

Just one day after it was reported that House Republicans had voted to place the Office of Congressional Ethics under Congress' control (you know, making the whole "unbiased investigation" thing pretty problematic), the amendment was overturned. Perhaps the huge amount of public backlash the GOP got had something to do with it?

Farewell, FLOTUS: As the country prepares for the end of the Obama administration, look back at some of the most memorable moments from the presidency, such as Michelle Obama's best, most powerful speeches. We'll miss you, FLOTUS.

Kim Kardashian + Her Big Return

If you heard those Kim-Kanye divorce rumors a few weeks ago and started freaking out, you can officially relax: the duo seem to be as in love as ever, judging by this adorable family video Kardashian posted to her website on Tuesday, and the Instagram (her first in three months) that followed. Get ready to have your heart melted, and celebrate the long-awaited return of Kim K to social media.

Mark Your Calendars: The lineup for Coachella 2017 has been revealed, and it is good. You've got Radiohead, Kendrick Lamar, Lorde, Bon Iver... oh, and did I mention Beyonce? Yup, Queen B is headlining Day 2 of the festival, so book your tickets soon for what's bound to be an incredible live performance.

Reproductive Rights + 2017

Want to be an advocate for reproductive rights in 2017? Good — now start taking action. Call your representative, knock on doors, and talk to your neighbors. It's possible to make a real difference this year, and keep women's rights safe and supported.

Pro Tip: For a lot of people, January is a time to focus on health, whether that means working out more, eating less sugar, or simply taking time to meditate. If you're one of the many people giving up alcohol this month (or for good), here are 9 options for drink-free dates to try this January.

Today's WTF Moment: What do galaxy cakes, rainbow bagels, and insane milkshake creations have in common? They're all part of the biggest food trends of 2016. What a year it was, guys.

What to Watch: Missed the premiere of Kaitlin Olson's The Mick last week? Catch up now so you can tune in to the comedy's second episode, airing at 8:30 p.m. on FOX.