Bustle's Editors On Kylie Jenner + The Super Blue Blood Moon

Wow, January felt long AF — didn't it? Well, congrats, Bustle Nation. You did it! You made it to the end. You survived the super blood moon, Trump's State of the Union, and some of you may even be keeping your New Year's resolutions still. You're pretty darn impressive. Go 'head. Give yourself a pat on the back.

Here's everything consuming Bustle editors' minds on Jan. 31:

Kylie Jenner + Legit Clues

Okay, it feels like we've been reading clues about Kylie Jenner's unconfirmed pregnancy for-ev-er, and they range from absolutely nuts to pretty dang convincing. I mean, can't a girl hold a baby lamb without fans picking it apart?! But, today another pregnancy clue surfaced on Wikipedia and, TBH, this one feels pretty major. Don't believe me? See it for yourself. I dare you to not freak out.

Can't Get Enough Kardashian? Paris Hilton dressed up like Kim Kardashian and it's jaw-dropping.

Royal Family + IKEA

In a truly unbelievable twist, it turns out royals are just like us! It was revealed this week that even Kate Middleton and Prince William own IKEA furniture. Something tells me, however, that the prince isn't getting down and dirty to assemble a freakin' Färgglad in the royal castle.

Heads Up: Turns out we've all been saying "Versace" wrong this whole time and Donatella is calling you out. Whoops!

Rachel Lindsay + Trump

On a recent podcast, Rachel Lindsay opened up about what happened in her Bachelor Fantasy Suite with Nick Viall — and it's straight up shocking. Turns out your girl Rachel found out that Trump had been elected the day before her big date with Nick, and it was so depressing that she couldn't get her head straight. So much so, in fact, she actually passed out in the Fantasy Suite and the couple never even talked about it. (Girl, how're you not gonna talk about the election with someone you're low-key almost engaged to??)

OMG: A train carrying Republican congressional representatives hit a truck en route to a retreat. There has been at least one fatality.

Super Blue Blood Moon + Incredible Pics

Did you happen to spot the once-in-a-lifetime super blue blood moon last night? If you're anything like me, the answer to that is, "hell nah, I was sleeping." Well, no worries — lots of people with more motivation woke up early and snapped pics. Definitely take a minute to check them out because they're *truly* astonishing.

Still not sure WTF a super blue blood moon is? This sums it up nicely:

Oh Snap: Here are the 6 zodiac signs that are going to be affected by the super blue blood moon the most! Are you on the list?!

What to Watch: Just stay home and watch Netflix tonight, folks. A new study found that it's *literally* saving the planet, so consider it your civic duty.