The Bustle Huddle: What Bustle's Editors Are Talking About On Jan. 4

Happy hump day, y'all. Four-day weeks often feel slow, but this one's already speeding by, at least IMO. We're halfway there, you guys, and the weekend will be here before we know it! So power through the next couple of days and get ready for a relaxing break full of naps and The Bachelor, if your plans are anything like mine.

In the meantime, read on for a recap of all the news and events that had Bustle's editors talking today, Jan. 4.

LIRR + Derailment

In a terrifying start to Wednesday, a Long Island Rail Road train derailed in Brooklyn, near the Atlantic Ave/Barclays Center stop. As of now, there have been no announced fatalities, but at least 100 people have been injured. Details on the incident are still few, but here's what we know so far about what might've caused the LIRR derailment.

Save the Date: On Jan. 11, Donald Trump will hold his first news conference in months. Anyone with Twitter knows that he hasn't exactly stayed silent since then, but he's typically shied away from answering questions from reporters — until now.

Adele + Getting Hitched

Whoa, whoa — did Adele secretly get married? That's what fans are wondering ever since the singer was spotted wearing a new ring on Wednesday. Adele's rep has no comment on the matter, but judging from those photos, the possibility that the superstar has made it official with longtime partner Simon Konecki seems likely. If it's true, congrats to the happy duo!

2017 Advice, RHONY Edition: Bethenny Frankel is a Real Housewife, an entrepreneur, and, now, the creator of B Strong, a crisis initiative focused on helping women get financial, legal, or mental help. She spoke to Bustle about the new organization and gave her tips for having an empowering 2017.

Wendy Davis + Taking Action

Like many people, Wendy Davis, the former Texas Senator and famous advocate for women's rights, was heartbroken by the results of the 2016 presidential election. In an essay for Bustle, though, Davis explains why she's not spending this year wallowing — but instead, taking action and working to ensure that the policies and programs she supports continue to flourish.

Game Break: Consider yourself an awards season expert? Test your knowledge by taking Bustle's Golden Globes trivia quiz — but beware, it's hard.

Bustle + Book Clubs

Readers, take note: Bustle is launching the American Woman Book Club, a year-long book club that'll read works about real American experiences, whether they're from the perspective of LGBTQ+ teens, undocumented immigrants, or others. Join the Goodreads group to get involved, or, if you're in New York, come to meetings at the Strand to discuss the books in-person. First up? Gabby Rivera's Juliet Takes A Breath.

Behind-the-Scenes: The club is the brainchild of Bustle's Books Editor Cristina Arreola, who started it out of a desire to use books to help "mend the divides of our nation" following the election. Explains Arreola, "I know that this is such a small step, but I hope that by reading about different experiences, women across the nation can become more empathetic and become more active in the political process."

Kylie Jenner + Her App

Many people follow the Kardashians and Jenner women on their apps, but for fans of one star, that's about to get a bit more complicated. On Tuesday, Kylie Jenner announced that she'll no longer be posting on her app, possibly due to the fact that a very personal, and allegedly sexual, post went up on the site without her knowledge. The change will be sad for fans hoping to get some firsthand comments from Kylie, but the reasoning makes total sense.

Shopping Break: We all know the struggle of trying to fit in an entire beauty routine in the 15 minutes wedged in between showering and heading out the door. Thankfully, these 14 beauty products are perfect for people who love looking good, but need to save time in the AM.

Today's WTF Moment: "Angel shot" — the fake drink you can order at one Florida restaurant to signal to the wait staff that your date is making you uncomfortable. Pretty genius, right?

What to Watch: Start prepping your calendar for the 21 new shows coming to Netflix in 2017, including the one, One Day at a Time, coming out this weekend. It's gonna be a busy year.