Bustle's Editors On Rose McGowan + True Crime

by Rachel Simon

Hello, hello! Today has been a bit of a slower news day than the rest of this week, but considering how hectic things have been, that's not saying much. There's still plenty of information to tackle, from the latest on the Harvey Weinstein allegations to the newest on Trump's executive orders. Read on for a recap of everything that had Bustle's editors talking today, Thursday, Oct. 12:

Rose McGowan + Her Tweets

In the latest Harvey Weinstein-related news, actor and activist Rose McGowan found her Twitter suspended after tweeting extensively about the sexual assault allegations against the producer. According to Twitter, McGowan's account was temporarily taken down because one of her tweets contained someone's private phone number, violating their terms of service. But McGowan isn't done speaking up, telling her followers on Instagram to "be my voice" while her account is down. Keep on fighting, Rose.

What To Do Now: If you've been wondering whether you should stop watching Weinstein-produced movies in the wake of the allegations, read what female film critics have to say about the matter.

Trump + Health Care

On Thursday, Donald Trump signed an executive order related to health care, which directs federal agencies to start creating policies meant to help small businesses, and lets consumers buy short-term policies that don't need to meet Obamacare regulations. Confused? You're not alone. Here's an explainer on Trump's health care executive order, answering all your biggest Qs.

Meme Alert: Need a smile? The "Baroque Obama" meme should provide you with one.

True Crime + A New Podcast

If, like everyone else, you can't get enough of true crime movies, TV shows, and podcasts, listen up: Dirty John, a podcast about the murder of a young woman and what happened leading up to the incident, is going to be your new obsession. The series comes from the LA Times and Wonderly, and all six episodes are available now. What are you waiting for?

Ewwww: There's a new, disgusting Instagram account dedicated to ingrown hairs, and it's basically the new Dr. Pimple Popper. Enjoy?

Taco Bell + Forever21

Two of your favorite brands just came together in a major way. A Taco Bell and Forever21 clothing collection now exists, with sweatshirts, body suits, and more items designed to evoke the fast food items we all know and love while keeping you looking perfectly stylish. This collection is seriously fire... sauce.

OMG: These seemingly color-changing shoes are basically the new The Dress, and the internet is freaking out.

Today's WTF Moment: A guy mansplained Indiana Jones' costume... to the movie's actual costume designer. Facepalm.

What to Watch: So much good TV tonight: Grey's Anatomy on ABC at 8, The Good Place on NBC at 8:30, Will & Grace on NBC at 9, and Better Things on FX at 10. Happy watching!