'Bachelor In Paradise' Season 4 Has A New Premiere Date

by Kadeen Griffiths

Since filming has resumed on the latest season of the Bachelor spin-off franchise, it was only a matter of time before the new Bachelor In Paradise Season 4 premiere date was announced. On Wednesday, ABC released a press release that revealed that the new season will air with a two night premiere on August 14 and August 15. The series was originally meant to air on August 8, which means that the investigation that original shut down production only delayed the new season by just under a week. Even more interesting, the press release reveals that both DeMario Jackson and Corinne Olympios will return for Season 4.

"The previously announced cast will all be a part of this summer’s much-buzzed about season, including the cast members that were at the center of the investigation," the ABC press released reads. "Additional bachelors and bachelorettes will be announced at a later date." The list of cast members is identical to the one originally released by the network, which is interesting considering early rumors claimed that Jackson wouldn't be returning to the season despite reportedly being invited back and Olympios said in a statement that,

"While I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to have been a participant on The Bachelor, and while I was invited to return to Bachelor in Paradise when production resumed, I respectfully made the decision not to return."

However, in a statement to US Weekly the same day as the ABC press release, Olympios said that, "I am very happy to be appearing on the Bachelor In Paradise special," though the magazine notes that such a special had yet to be announced. And, on July 9, Jackson revealed to TMZ that, "I’m doing the Men Tell All for The Bachelorette and I’ll be doing Paradise as well." So perhaps both of their names on the cast list is an indication of their involvement in reunion shows and specials rather than the season proper. (Bustle has reached out to Jackson, Olympios, and Warner Bros. for comment, but did not receive an immediate response.)

Rick Rowell/ABC

Production on Bachelor In Paradise Season 4 was initially shut down amidst reports that Olympios and Jackson, who had both been drinking, were involved in an alleged sexual encounter in which Olympios may have been too drunk to consent, according to People. Jackson has repeatedly denied the allegations, claiming that Olympios was the aggressor. Warner Bros. investigated the incident and found no evidence of wrongdoing. Olympios' lawyers conducted an independent investigation into the incident, and she released a statement saying it had been "completed to my satisfaction." Since then, Bachelor in Paradise has reportedly taken steps to assure no further incidents occur, such as reportedly limiting how much contestants can drink and creating a rumored new rule that requires contestants to inform producers before having sex on set.

In light of all of this, Bachelor In Paradise Season 4 has had people talking even before the new premiere date. It will be interesting to see how fans interact with the show moving forward when it returns in August.